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Recycling and Sustainable Waste Management is Changing be Smart Stay-Ahead or Lose

Image to recycling and sustainable waste management
Scroll down for our SmartBusiness infographic image about recycling and sustainable waste management.

All businesses now need to plan for recycling and sustainable waste management like never before. Pressure is mounting to improve the ways all businesses work. Brexit will mean all have to work smarter, and a large part of this starts by looking again at waste. Those that don't keep up-to-date on waste risk the glare of negative publicity, and being “found-out” for wasteful practices. Think of “ill-considered green-hype” that no-longer “washes” with the public. Think about coffee-shop single-use paper cups for example, and how that has hurt some coffee shop chains!

We are sure that you have heard it said before:

“A business plan for recycling and sustainable waste management is a must for all of today’s organisations”.

O.K. We may be preaching to the converted. If so you should still read-on because we firmly believe that most will need to up their waste management game very soon. (For now, it's all about recycling and sustainable waste management, later-on down the road to Zero-waste, ALL waste must be eliminated. More on this later.)

If you have not recently reviewed your organisation's degree of participation in recycling, and use of the latest waste management practices, then for your company's continued reputation and viability, we think that you should.

The Way Business Does Waste Management is About to Change Fast – and the Drivers for this are Multiple and Growing

If your company is simply doing “Waste Disposal” it isn't any longer going to be good enough. Businesses need to be pro-actively looking at ways to apply the “waste hierarchy”.

Those that look positively at such things are discovering how to work smarter, to both avoid unnecessary cost and avoid bad publicity, and even shareholder investment withdrawals.

The “waste hierarchy” sets a set of priorities for sustainable waste management. It can be surprising how just applying this to a business can reveal new ways of designing products and processes that work far better, in the new economy of recycling, and circulating raw-materials. Think of utilising materials in a manner in which they can be re-used numerous times before they are spent. That is recycling and sustainable waste management.

A New Cost-Penalty on Businesses which Don't Act Smart through Recycling and Sustainable Waste Management is Emerging

In a controversial move, States of Guernsey are set to introduce a ‘pay-as- you-throw’ (PAYT) system for residual waste collections in 2019. Starting next year, Guernsey parishes
will start charging for the collection of general waste, allowing the State to recover the subsequent processing and disposal costs. The payment system will use prepaid stickers
(the equivalent to using a postage stamp on a letter) to charge for each bag. The possible introduction of PAYT in the UK has been discussed, although there are concerns of public

This system may or may not be introduced in the UK-wide, but charging directly for the waste left after recyclates have been removed, is bound to grow. Waste disposal charges are about to rapidly become much more focused on the individual's responsibility for waste generation.

Drycake Twister food waste depackaging plastics separator

Businesses will not escape this trend. The future is in recycling and sustainable waste management.

As time goes on a business plan for recycling and waste management, will make even more complete sense as it allows organisations to save time, effort, and costs in their daily operations.

Green actions, when used sensibly in company publicity, and not as “greenwash”, wins friends amongst both the public and shareholders.

Beware: Plastic Waste is Now Seen as a Public Enemy – Where Plastic Goes Other Wastes Will Follow

Government is under increasing pressure to reduce litter and tackle plastic waste. In December 2017, The Environmental Audit Committee published a report entitled ‘Plastic
Bottles: Turning Back the Plastic Tide’.

This report contains a series of recommendations, such as:

  • Waste producers paying more for recycling
  • Introducing a deposit return scheme
  • Mandating the proportion of recycled materials in new products
  • Implementing incentives for producers to design better products.

In addition, MPs recommend that Government adapts a producer responsibility compliance fee structure that would reward designs that are recyclable. It would encourage the use of recycled plastic, as “carrots”. While they suggest simultaneously, increasing the cost of products with packaging that is “hard to reuse” or recycle.

Tackling waste is a key priority for Government. Businesses in the UK should follow that lead, with a clear business plan for recycling and waste management. At its most basic, recycling and sustainable waste management is only the start. Soon we must stop thinking of “waste” at all, zero-waste is the goal for the nation and for all businesses. “Waste” must be substantially eliminated.

Will Planning Ahead for the Best Practise in Recycling and Sustainable Waste Management be a Budget Well-spent?

While it is appreciated that for SMEs finding time and money to devise smart solutions, is hard. Many SMEs have found that coming up with an innovative business plan for recycling and waste management, provides a rare opportunity to rethink the business from the ground-up. This can be a challenge, but professionals in waste management who have a detailed knowledge of outcomes, point out one recurring effect that they have witnessed.  They say that when these reviews are done with an open-mind, these are the companies which prosper, and will still be around, working-smarter in 10 years time.

Furthermore, using a consultant (like the guys at for your business waste reduction, recycling, recovery, and disposal can save both time and money.

By the way, although we have been talking about “waste” in this article, “Smarter Businesses” seldom even mention the word any more…

Drycake Twister food waste depackaging plastics separator

After-all, most of the time with smart-design and new processes, your “waste” can be someone else's “raw-material”. Just consider SmarterBusiness' declared mission:To provide a whole-of-market business comparison, maximise savings and improve profitability.”

There's no mention of waste there is there? Why should there be? No. Think “minimise, reuse, recycle”!

Now we suggest that you SCROLL DOWN FURTHER to consider the appalling wastefulness which the public is becoming ever more intolerant about.

Infographic about Smarter Business and the best energy deals.

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  1. Recycling is one of the easiest tasks that can make a greener home. Some towns automatically include costs for recycling in their garbage collection, so look into this! If not, certain states including Michigan will pay consumers to return bottles after use. Recycling is one of the best ways to cut energy costs!

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    I love it i hope it wiilchange life?

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