anaerobic digestion

Amber Rudd officially opens Nestle's new Anaerobic Digestion Plant  in Newcastle CC BY-ND by DECCgovuk

Anaerobic Digestion is Now Economically Viable in Europe

Anaerobic Digestion is both a waste treatment technology and a highly sustainable energy technology. Recent rises in energy costs, coupled with EU member state incentives, and waste management policy, now mean that economic viability has been attained. That’s what we said in 2006! In general it is still true, however, in many EU nations, Britain […]

Thumbnail shows dramatically the effect of landfill gas as a greenhouse gas.

The AD Process Which Makes Biogas Plus Landfill Diversion

The AD Process is the way biogas is produced. The “Anaerobic Digestion Process” to give it its full name, is simply rotting or composting in the absence of air. It can be a form of Waste Management, but most importantly it produces biogas. Biogas used wisely produces renewable energy, natural fertiliser, biomethane. It is a […]

Image shows an Arrowbio MBT with anaerobic digestion plant.

ArrowBio MBT and Anaerobic Digestion Facility Projects

Update for 2019 of the ArrowBio MBT process which incorporates Anaerobic Digestion technology: The original company may or may not now be operating. There appear to be a number of similarly named spin-off companies. The process continues to be an interesting example of how anaerobic digestion can be harnessed in MBT (Mechanical Biological Treatment of […]

poo power from biogas

Poo Power Infographic Re-Published To Raise Awareness of Energy from Waste in Our Latest AD Blog Post

Poo Power! The Poo from sewage works is making a LOT of power! Just look at our large image below which gives you THE FACTS ABOUT POO POWER. The way the subject is handled won’t meet the approval of some people (we apologize if that is you…) as the source of this very clean and […]

Full Scale Autoclave Processing is World First for UK

Autoclave Processing Starts at New Dorset Anaerobic Digestion Plant We all know the benefits of anaerobic digestion in waste treatment and management. Not only does this type of waste management reduce gas emissions, but the gases which are produced can be used as a type of renewable energy – or biogas – which can be […]

Waste Water Pipeline Project Abandoned After Protests in China

There has been a lot of news reporting about a recent rare event (we would assume) where people power has apparently won the day, and the Chinese authorities have withdrawn their plans. It is all about a waste water pipeline in the city of Qidong, which was planned but has been stopped after protests. (Image […]

EU Awareness of Food and Garden Waste Management Benefits Increases

It has emerged that the European Parliament’s environment committee is set to consider a draft report (April 28) drawn up by one of its members that urges the European Commission to develop proposals for a specific bio-waste directive by the end of 2010. Bio-waste management (AD and Composting) has economic benefits which should be utilised EU wide.