Image te3xt: "Why You Need Commercial Cleaning for your Office".

Why You Need Commercial Cleaning for your Office

In this article, we describe why we think businesses really do need commercial cleaning for their offices. Read on and understand how this makes great sense, especially now that the covid pandemic has made us all so much more aware of the importance of good hygiene. Most people spend their waking hours working. While many […]

Plastic tea bags featured image.

Plastic Tea Bags are “Single Use Plastic” and Most Brands Don’t Use Just Paper

Few people knowingly use plastic tea bags, which are a “Single Use Plastic“, and yet the fact is that most major tea brands don’t use just paper. Read on and you will be amazed how tea bags are contributing to the plastic soup in our oceans and may even be jeopardising human health. On This […]


Green Technology Tips and How to Lead a Sustainable Lifestyle

For those that want to know how to lead a sustainable lifestyle, what better way to start than through adopting green technology? So, read-on for our green technology tips. If you are looking to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, technology has opened the door to a variety of products and techniques to help […]


Floating Rubbish Dump – Huge Scale Highlighted by Greenpeace

Since our first article in 2006 plastic waste has reached every one of the world’s oceans, no matter how wild or remote. Microplastics on the other hand are lurking in the sand, and they harm smaller marine life. So, we decided to update our readers as follows: Latest Notes on the Worsening Floating Rubbish Dumps […]

Image to illustrate Biffa Facts.

Biffa – 30 Facts or Factoids?

This list of 20 “Facts or Factoids?” was fun to compile and we hope you enjoy them. They are compiled from around the web and reflect both what Biffa is saying about itself and people’s views about this waste management company. We didn’t collect references to back-up these “rubbish” facts which range from newsworthy, to frankly […]

Image shows the features of fish waste.

Fish Waste – A 5 Minute Tutorial

Fish waste is an underutilized form of food waste that has potential for a wide array of products, including methane production. In Norway alone, over a million tonnes of it is generated every year. For a long while, fish waste has been refined using comminution and heating, to separate the fish oil. Quality fish oils […]

The problem with plastic waste.

Problems with Plastic Waste Mount Up – UK Government Dumping Recyclate in Landfills and It’s in Our Food

Problems with plastic waste are mounting up, and that’s even before the Chinese ban on at the start of 2018, on imports of low quality recycled mixed plastic. Not only that the Sun Newspaper has reported that the UK government is condoning the dumping of plastic waste recyclate in UK landfills. Now that’s something that […]

Cost of climate change

The Rising Costs of Climate Change 2018

The costs of climate change in 2018 rose significantly. Climate change is increasingly costly, especially in the U.S. And, its man made nature is increasingly clear. On the current trajectory the world will be 4° to 5° hotter by the end of this century than it was before the industrial revolution. Although this may not […]

UK Government Conservative Party Pledge to be “Greenest Government Ever” Rings Hollow

For all the fine words the UK Conservative party’s pledges look hollow. Not only are they not doing well at moving things forward. We list 9 points where they are in reverse.