About the “Waster” – Waste Management Consultancy Service

Your blog writer is a United Kingdom based waste management professional. He offers a Waste Management Consultancy Service, based upon more than thirty years experience, and is the Principal of IPPTS Associates.

Receiving our award for Best Paper of the Year in Waste Management.
Receiving our award for Best Paper of the Year in Waste Management.

Steve Last is a Chartered Waste Manager, and has worked on projects in the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Cyprus, and South Africa.

Image of the IPPTS Associates environmental services logoSteve provides a full environmental engineering and waste management consultancy service. Click the following link to view his environmental compliance consultancy website at www.IPPTSassociates.co.uk

Main areas of expertise are:-

The Waster before he became a Resource Manager.

The Waster before he was converted from landfilling.
He still likes to landfill a lot, but he is now fully converted
to waste avoidance and all kinds of waste diversion away from
landfill and he likes to think of himself now as a Resource Manager.

Humour: The Waster says that “He thought at first this much more impressive title would come with a pay-rise from his boss. He is still waiting… “

Why Blog?

I run my own independent environmental consultancy so blogging helps me maintain a professional presence and brings in leads to my business.

It is also a form of relaxation! My professional services website is at www.ipptsassociates.co.uk

The most rewarding part of blogging is when people comment on the articles, so please do give comments and provide feedback via our Contact page.

Points of Interest

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The Waster started blogging in June 2006, and with an occasional guest blogger has been posting newsy and technical articles about waste, re-use, and recycling, at between once a month and weekly, ever since.

Steve Last

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Attribution for Licenced Flickr photo used on homepage header: Copyright SNappa2006 (CC By 2.0) shows a local resident emptying a plastic bag of waste  into a skip at Weir Road HWRC Wimbledon, London, UK.