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What is Landfill Tax in UK? and How Much is it in 2021?

Please forgive us, we will explain what is Landfill Tax in UK later. But, first, for those visitors just keen to find out how much is the Landfill Tax 2021, we start with that. On This Page Landfill Tax Changes from 1st April 2021 What is Landfill Tax? What are the new Landfill Tax Rates […]

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Halving Landfilled Waste by 2012 Achieved by Major UK Contractors

Halving Landfilled Waste: In 2008 we carried an article announcing that leading UK construction contractors had signed up to halve the waste they sent to landfill by 2012. Now is time to look back an review their performance. We can confirm that they do appear to have done just that! The original article below explains […]

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Landfill Mining

We first posted about landfill mining quoting from a CIWM Press Release in October 2008. As below, and now, almost 10 years later we have added our update. So what has happened to landfill mining since 2008? Almost nothing in Europe it seems, but since then, some landfill mining has been implemented, especially in the […]

Landfill Waste Reduction Targets – EU States Cyprus, Croatia, Greece, Malta Failing

Poor EU states are not fulfilling their landfill waste reduction targets, EU Report says. Cyprus, Croatia, Greece, Malta as well as Turkey are still greater than 75% of their waste to landfill. The EU will for certain, have to take Slovakia to court for landfill , and also attain adequate waste diversion and recycling to […]

End of Landfill in the UK? Is Zero Waste Really Coming Any Time Soon?

Reliance on landfill in the UK is decreasing, but is zero waste to landfill and the end of landfill a real prospect in the foreseeable future? Current Progress to Zero Waste to Landfill The latest waste data from the Environment Agency (EA) shows that reliance on landfill in England and Wales continues to decrease, with […]

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UK Landfill Tax Exceeds £5 Per Wheely Bin For Average Family Collection

Yes. Incredibly the UK’s Landfill Tax Exceeds £5 Per Wheely Bin collected for average families in the UK! It’s a lot of money on our rates! The UK Landfill Tax rate which has been raised every year since 1999 is now £80/tonne (as of May 2014) for every cubic metre of waste placed in a landfill. […]

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How UK Landfill Problems Led To Action And A Plea For More Recycling In YOUR Kitchen

Still millions of people and companies all over the world that have yet to understand the potentially highly negative impact of landfill problems. Plus a plea for YOU to Recycle at home.


How Much Does It Cost To Tip Waste – A Good Question To Ask

How Much Does It Cost To Tip Waste? – It May Be Good Question To Ask; But It Is Hard To Give An Answer! A number of our website visitors have recently asked us how much it costs to tip waste. It is a simple question and you would think that it would be possible […]

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How Much to Tip Waste? – Information on Landfill Gate Fees

Landfill Gate Fees in the UK – How Much to Tip Waste in the UK To answer the question of: “How much to tip waste?” for the citizens of the U.K. The UK government funded “WRAP” organisation publishes a Gate Fees Report annually. Its Gate Fees Report for 2012 is available on the WRAP website. […]