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Sustainable waste management incinerator with the text: "... and the imaspct of dirty plastics".

Sustainable Waste Management & the Impact of Dirty Plastics and Bioplastics in OFMSW on Efficient Energy Recovery

Sustainable waste management is the holy grail of the concept of the circular economy. Unless the waste industry can achieve that on a global scale, a truly sustainable world is unachievable. It’s crucial to comprehend how the effectiveness of an MRF or ERF in achieving the clean extraction of plastics and bioplastics from the OFMSW […]

Image with the text: "A Failed Energos Vision: The Story of the Derby MSW Gasification Project."

A Failed Energos Vision: The Story of the Derby MSW Gasification Project

This salutary story began when one of the country’s biggest suppliers of energy-from-waste technology at that time, Energos, went into administration due to problems with earlier projects. There is nothing wrong with the concept of the combustion technology known as gasification. But, the translation of the concept into reality in the UK has so far […]

Image with the text: "Airport Waste Management Sorting Out Terminal Trash".

Airport Waste Management – Sorting Out Terminal Trash

Airport waste management involves a strategic approach to planning for and minimizing the volume of all types of airport waste that are generated. We discuss sorting out airport terminal waste problems including the types of trash encountered, and how the latest minimum impact depackaging equipment is helping. Introduction to Important Aspects of Airport Waste Management […]

Mechanical MSW Processing

Mechanical MSW Processing – AI Sorting Technology, Organics, and the Shredding Phase-Out

Understanding Mechanical MSW Processing the use of AI Sorting Technology, the increasing importance of organic waste, and the action necessary to enable a phasing-out of all existing shredding and milling technology is more important than ever before. The world of waste management and recycling is evolving rapidly and with it, the technology used to process […]

Image text: "Anaerobic digestion big opportunity."

Anaerobic Digestion “Big Opportunity” for Municipal Waste

Anaerobic digestion is the “Big Opportunity” for Municipal Waste disposal and treatment to produce renewable energy. While wind and solar get the majority of the attention when it comes to renewable energy, there are other less well-known, largely unreported renewable energy options that can help the United States diversify its energy mix and make progress […]

Image shows an Arrowbio MBT with anaerobic digestion plant.

ArrowBio MBT and Anaerobic Digestion Facility Projects

Update for 2019 of the ArrowBio MBT process which incorporates Anaerobic Digestion technology: The original company may or may not now be operating. There appear to be a number of similarly named spin-off companies. The process continues to be an interesting example of how anaerobic digestion can be harnessed in MBT (Mechanical Biological Treatment of […]


MBT Composting is Unjustified and a Waste of Money

Back in the 1990s the European Union (EU) passed a directive which must be complied with by all member states, with heavy fines for non-compliance. The stated aim was to substantially reduce landfilling and in particular the amount of organic matter being sent to landfill. Now, for improving the sustainability of the economies of Europe […]