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Sustainable waste management incinerator with the text: "... and the imaspct of dirty plastics".

Sustainable Waste Management & the Impact of Dirty Plastics and Bioplastics in OFMSW on Efficient Energy Recovery

Sustainable waste management is the holy grail of the concept of the circular economy. Unless the waste industry can achieve that on a global scale, a truly sustainable world is unachievable. It’s crucial to comprehend how the effectiveness of an MRF or ERF in achieving the clean extraction of plastics and bioplastics from the OFMSW […]

Image has the text: "Pre-consumer Biscuit and Bakery Waste".

Pre-consumer Biscuit and Bakery Waste Depackaging for Animal Feed

Pre-consumer biscuit and bakery waste depackaging for animal feed is certainly a highly technical title to start this article on depackaging unsold and spoiled biscuits and bakery products for use as animal feed. Are you grappling with the problem of how to effectively manage pre-consumer food waste? Did you know that an astonishing 70% of kitchen […]