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Waste Management

Specialized recruitment agencies in waste management jobs.

How Specialized Recruitment Agencies Can Help Waste Management Jobs

Read on to learn the benefits of specialized recruitment agencies in finding and placing the best people for waste management jobs. When it comes to waste management, having the right team in place is not just important—it’s essential. This industry does not just demand hard work but also a deep understanding of regulations, safety protocols, […]


Understanding UK Restaurant Food Waste Disposal Regulations

Many restaurant owners in the UK struggle with understanding food waste disposal regulations. Each year, British eateries contribute over 199,000 tonnes of waste. This article will explain these regulations and offer clear guidance on how to comply. Dive in to learn more about managing your restaurant’s waste efficiently! Key Takeaways What are the UK Food […]

Featured image illustrating Calgary's E-waste recycling.

The Easy Solution for Calgary’s E-Waste Recycling Needs

Read on to find out the easy solution for Calgary’s electronic waste recycling needs. Many people think that dumping their old computers, phones, and printers in a landfill can be a convenient solution. However, hazardous materials will often leak from them, and they can have an adverse impact on everyone’s health in the community and […]

Glass crushing watercolour image

Glass Crushing Units Improve Recycling by Restaurants Bars and Clubs

Tharsus engineering is introducing an innovatory glass crushing unit, for the commercial recycling of glass in a new five year contract win with Ekko Glass Crush and Collect. The engineering firm has partnered with the Scottish-based recycling experts to design and manufacture their own brand of glass compacting units.

Featured image with the text: "List of 9 Innovative Waste Management Ideas."

Innovative Waste Management Ideas: Launch Your Green Dream Business

We’ve listed our innovative waste management ideas to help entrepreneurial businesses launch their dream green businesses. The world is drowning in waste. Landfills are overflowing, plastic pollutes our oceans, and traditional waste management methods are straining under the pressure. But amidst this growing crisis, a wave of innovation is surging. Entrepreneurs are developing creative solutions […]

Featured image showing the text "Dirty Jobs Episode 25 - Garbage Worker".

Dirty Jobs Season 2 – Episode 25: Garbage Pit Technician

Dirty Jobs Season 2 – Episode 25: Garbage Pit Technician is an unflinching video looking look at the unsung American Worker, and the unusual but vital vocations that must be done. There is much to be learned from watching DIRTY WORK as each week host Mike Rowe introduces the viewer to an elite assortment of […]

Waste Management and Climate Change

Waste Management And Climate Change: The Damage Done by Rubbish and Solutions

Waste management and climate change, or the way we dispose of our trash and the contribution of what we throw away to global warming, is a big issue. The climate change emergency is not all about excessive use of non-renewable energy. It is also about vast global methane-emitting landfills, and how we plan to transition […]

Questions to ask your trash removal company

Questions to Ask Your Trash Removal Company

Everyone needs trash removal from their homes and businesses. Every trash removal company has different ways that they operate, so you need to question the ones that you might want to choose from. The answers to these questions can help you choose the right company for you. You need to have a list of the […]

Image text: "UK R&D Tax Claim Back Claim HMRC Rebate".

UK R&D Tax Claim Back – Failure to Claim Rebate is Endemic in Waste Industry

Did you fail to submit your UK R&D tax claim back last year? If your business is in the waste and resources industry it’s quite likely that you didn’t claim back and that you are guilty! Yes. Guilty of leaving money on the table which your business probably could really have done with! Many in the […]

Image text: "Food waste reduction must be high priority".

Reducing Food Waste and its Treatment Must be High Priority for all National Climate Plans

In the run-up to the Glasgow Climate Change Conference next year, governments must step up to the plate by introducing targets for reducing food waste in their net-zero 2025 plans, argues WRAP CEO Marcus Gover. In November 2021 world leaders will gather in Glasgow for the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties, popularly known […]

waste management challenges feature

5 Waste Management Challenges to Keep Us All Healthy

Read on for our views on 5 top challenges of Waste Management to keep us all healthy. That includes the natural environment of the living creatures around us. But, before we start let us just clarify what Waste Management is, as follows: Defining Waste Management Waste management is the collection, transportation, disposal or recycling and monitoring […]

Sustainable waste management services

Sustainable Waste Management Services Win Back Money and Time

Sustainable Waste Management Services have become a holy-grail of crucial importance for businesses across all sectors in the industrial and commercial waste producing sectors. The process of waste disposal for businesses is somewhat different to residential (household) waste management. This is mainly due to the large volume of waste businesses produce, compared to the relatively […]