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Profit from your LFG and reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions

Introduction to Landfill Gas Extraction Systems eBook

Learn about LANDFILL GAS EXTRACTION design, installation, operation and maintenance, including LANDFILL GAS ENERGY FROM WASTE (EfW)

Over 50 pages of essential information on landfill gas extraction system principles to bring your knowledge up to a standard to start designing your own extraction systems, appraise designs, or assess financial worth of an EfW project.

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“Here is a list of the various Waste Management web sites that I have created over the past 5 or more years.

It has now reached the point that there are so many that I will need this list myself in order to keep track of them, and ensure that I regularly update them.

All the sites are independent of any manufacturer.”

I have listed them in chronological order with the oldest first: – Leachate Treatment Site: UK centred and Worldwide Plants. Normally ranks well in all search engines. Provides detailed information and many case studies on the design and commissioning of biological leachate treatment plants. (What is leachate? It's the dirty water that seeps out of landfilled waste mostly from rain. – Landfill Site Technical Information. UK Centred. All types of landfills, lists, links, and articles. – Landfill Gas Technical Information. UK Centred. All types of landfills, lists, links, and articles. Landfill gas extraction, pumping and flaring. More recently some energy as aspects, and details about bio-oxidation research we have been conducting. – A waste technology information web site which lists all the major waste technologies currently being developed for recycling, waste minimisation, and the diversion of waste from landfill. Again UK centred, and originally based on an extended briefing Note on Waste Technologies. – A site which is purely a niche site to promote the IPPTS Associates Consulting, Leachate Management Service. – Is a large web site of articles, directory pages and information about the development of waste technologies for waste processing. Although the Index Page is UK centred, most of the rest of the site is worldwide in content and outlook. – After the popularity of the waste technology web sites became apparent I created this site which has in a short period since autumn 2005 become one of my most visited sites, second only to the main leachate web site. – Landfill Construction Quality Assurance is an important element of all United Kingdom Landfill Developement work whether it be a lining, or a capping project. In this blog we provide general information on the Landfill CQA scene, and news.

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