How Phone Users Waste Money & Damage the Environment Needlessly

When YOU Finish With Your Old Smart Phone Will YOU Recycle it?

Read our Infographic, be shocked by the potential for environmental damage, and then Make Yourself a Few Quid by Being Green!

Mobile Phone Recycling

What Will You Do When You Finish with your Old Smart Phone?

Have you ever considered exactly what happens to your old smart phone when your contract ends?

Do you keep it in the house, until numerous years later when you have to de-clutter, it is so out of date, that you simply bin it? If so, you are needlessly wasting the money it was once worth for recycling, and damaging the environment.

Lots of people do not give this a second thought, with the result that smart phone recycling rates in the UK are dismally low, and this is ending up being a problem that can not merely be ignored.

The raw products, minerals and shear quantity of the earth’s resources that are consumed to make your phone are larger than you envision. Simply look at the figures in the infographic above. The materials used includes for every 6,000 handsets silver weighing as much as one and a half laptop computers, and enough gold to make 50 wedding rings.

Worse still, this amount which has to be dug out of the earth from huge holes, grows every year in order to fulfil the ever growing demand for the most recent models.

Put this together with the really brief life expectancy of these phones, and a low current recycling rate in the UK of just 11 %, and it’s a disaster for the environment. It cannot go on for very long unless phone users step up to the mark and begin recycling in line with the rest of society. After all, household waste is now 40% recycled, so why isn’t the phone industry achieving anywhere near the same level of recycling?

This is a massive environmental burden on mother earth, but is even worse when other concerns about the toxic materials in mobile phones are taken into account.

Recycling simply one Lithium Ion Battery, prevents the possible future contamination of approximately 3 Olympic pools worth of water, when these batteries eventually rot away in a landfill.

So, please think about exactly what will you do when your mobile phone agreement ends!

And, the benefits of recycling go still further. Recycling one million mobile phones is like taking 33 vehicles off the road for an entire year. You should also look at it like this. Recycling 42 mobile phones would conserve the energy utilized by one home for a whole year.

Not only that! Not to recycle your old phone is simply crazy, because you lose out on some easy money! Yes, when you recycle your phone, you will make money on the deal!

The recycling company will pay up to £200 for your old phone if it is a high-end and recent model, with the actual price depending on its type and age/ condition.

Just follow the link to OnRecycle, get recycling, and assist us in saving our world.

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