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Image shows an Arrowbio MBT with anaerobic digestion plant.

ArrowBio MBT and Anaerobic Digestion Facility Projects

Update for 2019 of the ArrowBio MBT process which incorporates Anaerobic Digestion technology: The original company may or may not now be operating. There appear to be a number of similarly named spin-off companies.

The process continues to be an interesting example of how anaerobic digestion can be harnessed in MBT (Mechanical Biological Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste) plants. In this update of our article we embed the ArrowEcology video which explains the process, (published on YouTube on Jun 1, 2010) below:

ArrowEcology state that they have designed and built a field-proven water based MBT separation system that avoids the need to send waste to landfills and recovers most of the recyclable materials.

The ArrowBio Method of Mechanical Biological Treatment in More Detail

It is described as a cost-effective and environment-friendly solution for mixed MSW treatment.

The process uses gravitational forces in streams of water to separate different materials from municipal solid waste.

In essence the organics dissolves or remains in suspension and recyclables including plastics float on top.

Heavy materials such as metals, glass and textiles, sink and are removed.

Water jets dissolve the organic fraction which is pumped to the anaerobic digestion system as a watery organic slurry, into a two stage methanogenic biogas (AD) plant.

Recovered raw materials

Recycled digested organic material is used as a top-grade soil substitute.

The process can also be modified for agriculture and is a modular system where each line can effectively treat the MSW of any town.

It can be energy self sufficient as it can produce all its own
power requirements and more.

The plant has a relatively small footprint and complies with the Kyoto Protocol.

Environment Friendly Credentials

It is an odorless, environment friendly and could be located in close proximity to city populations.

Since 2003 the Aero Buyer plant in Tel Aviv has been in operation.

The ArrowBio plant is able to manage waste in the most cost-effective way with an increased our recycling percentage, and the same time it has provided green energy for othe city.

ArrowBio filled proven success has drawn buyers and partners who want to benefit from the cost effective advantages of the ArrowBio system .

With this system we can also use the wet fraction in order to increase the calorie value of of our incineration. That's making the whole cost much more effective.

The Original Article on this page was uploaded in September 2007 and for archive reference is included below:

In July 2007, Oaktech Environmental signed a contract with Avondale Environmental Ltd. to commence the Design Development of a 70,000 tonnes per annum ArrowBio facility at the Avondale Landfill Site in Falkirk, Scotland.

Image shows an Arrowbio MBT plant.
The original uploader was by Vortexrealm at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., CC BY-SA 2.5, Link

The ArrowBio process is described as a unique, water-based mechanical-biological treatment for solid waste, which includes anaerobic digestion stages.

ArrowBio's strengths are stated as residing in its unique ability to reclaim resources for recycling and produce green energy from the biodegradable residues through simple, flexible and effective design.

Avondale Environmental, who own and operate the Avondale landfill in the Falkirk area just off junction 4 of the M9 motorway, have chosen ArrowBio as their preferred technology partner for the development of a processing facility for treating mixed waste from both household and commercial sources. Waste will be diverted from landfill with recyclable materials recovered and renewable electricity generated for supply to the national grid.

Upon completion of the Design Development phase, the construction of the Plant will take 16 months, subject to receiving the necessary consent. This will provide nearby Local Authorities with the opportunity of moving some way towards landfill diversion targets required by the EU Landfill Directive.

You can also visit their web site at

Arrow Bio Updates:

Municipal solid waste treatment solutions

ArrowBio© is an integrated solution for the treatment of municipal solid waste, and is a product of ArrowEcology. The ArrowBio facilities and process provide unique hydromechanical separation and preparation process, recovering 70%-90% of recoverable materials and producing high methane (CH4) content biogas for several green energy uses. By-products such as various plastics, cardboard ,wood and metals are suitable for recycling, and some of them also for RDF (Refuse-Derived Fuel) treatment. At the end of the anaerobic process, the organic remains are used as soil improver for agriculture, and also for bio-drying systems. ArrowBio's unique recovery process is recognized by experts as the most cost effective, eco friendly solution available to the treatment of MSW, and ArrowBio facilities are being built and launched with partners around the world. via [Link broken: ArroBiow web site.]

ArrowBio now “Arrow Ecology”

Arrow Ecology & Engineering Overseas (1999) Ltd was established in 1999 in Israel as a joint effort of a team made of experts with the goal of delivering innovative and effective process for the treatment of mixed municipal solid waste (MSW) in a green manner. The process uses water and mechanical equipment in order to separate the organic fraction from the waste, produce green energy and recycle up to 70%-80% of the waste. the Company was born in the height of the Hi Tech wave that swept the world and Israel in that period. The innovative process was consummated into a Registered Patent. via Arrow Ecology – Home

ArrowBio's Method is a Solution for MSW

Material reclamation facilities (MRFs) are widely used in many countries to recover recyclates from mixed waste. However, these are predominantly dry facilities which experience problems when the wet and sticky biowaste contaminates the recovered recyclates. Therefore, the amalgamation of AD and materials recovery into one single waste treatment facility such as a mechanical biological treatment (MBT) facility is an obvious single-site solution for the treatment of municipal waste.

Using the simple principle that different materials will either float or sink in water, Israel-based Arrow Ecology has developed a water-based treatment system which eliminates the need for pre-sorting; working with the wetness of biowaste rather than against it. ArrowBio can sort a mixed waste input into different recyclate fractions for resale and recycling, and produce a renewable biogas from the organic material. The consistent use of water throughout the process serves several purposes. These include: the transportation of materials around the system, cleansing the recovered recyclates and ensuring maximum recovery and retention of organic material. Therefore, the use of water is key to the successful integration of the front-end MRF with the back-end AD system, resulting in a synergistic and harmonious operation within both systems. This successful amalgamation of the water-based MRF with AD is where ArrowBio’s strengths lie; providing one of the highest materials recovery rates and diversion rates of biodegradable MSW from landfill, as well as the greatest biogas yields compared to other MBT technologies around. via Arrow Bio system

Report on independent technical review arrowbio®

Solid waste treatment process prepared for waste service nsw / anz investment banking project 37387.

Douglas Partners supports the proposed technology as a suitable means of waste treatment based upon the information obtained from Arrow Ecology Ltd and observations made during a visit to Tel Aviv.

In general, the following conclusions are made:

• Arrow Ecology Ltd has the relevant experience and credentials;

• The technology selected is well proven with good operational records;

• The selected integrated system has good and efficient system design;

• The operational technical plant at Tel Aviv aptly demonstrates the technical feasibility of the selected integrated system;

• The reliability of the system is supported by good operational records of the Tel Aviv facility;

• The proposed process is essentially an innovative means of getting all organics in an easily digestible form and then utilizes standard wastewater treatment technology to reduce the organic waste to methane for use in power generations;

• In overall terms the technical and financial risk is low.


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