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Mattel Matchbox 2009 Autocar ACX Garbage Truck Real Working Rig 1:64 Diecast Green WM Waste Management

We regularly receive visitors looking for the Mattel Matchbox 2009 Autocar ACX Garbage Truck which was produced in the “Real Working Rig” series of 1:64 die-cast models. The 2009 version was produced in the green WM livery of “Waste Management Inc”. The title of working rig comes from the following capability of this model, as […]

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Introduction to Landfill Gas Extraction Systems eBook Learn about LANDFILL GAS EXTRACTION design, installation, operation and maintenance, including LANDFILL GAS ENERGY FROM WASTE (EfW) Over 50 pages of essential information on landfill gas extraction system principles to bring your knowledge up to a standard to start designing your own extraction systems, appraise designs, or assess […]

About the “Waster” – Waste Management Consultancy Service

Your blog author and publisher is a (United Kingdom based) waste management professional. He offers a Waste Management Consultancy Service, based on more than thirty years of experience, and is the Principal of IPPTS Associates. Steve Last is a Chartered Waste Manager and has worked on projects in the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, […]

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We hope that you find our blog to be interesting and informative. You are welcome to use the form below to contact the Waster. Make sure that you provide enough information for us to answer, without needing to spend time asking you further questions for clarification. Over the past few months, we have seen a […]