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Landfill Energy Systems Power Ahead in the United States

Image illustrates how Landfill Energy Systems Power Ahead in the United States.There have been numerous news items in the last few months showing that activity in landfill energy systems is continuing at a high level in the US.

The most popular of the landfill energy systems is landfill gas utilization, and progress with new LFG extraction and generation schemes is being announced every week, following EPA initiatives in recent years to publicize the economic benefits and a limited amount of subsidy funding.

Landfill Energy Systems in the United States Projects

To bring you a flavour of the landfill gas/ landfill energy systems projects currently being reported, we provide a selection below:

New Gas-to-Energy Facility Dedicated at WCA-Fort Bend County Landfill in … – AZoCleantech

Joint Texas landfill gas-to-energy facility to be unveiled – Biomass Magazine

Energy management: Status update of power projects in US, elsewhere

We have a signed landfill gas to energy project at the Akouedo landfill site that is expected to generate up to 3 MW of power. We have performed a feasibility study and are in the process of securing a power purchase agreement and guarantee from MIGA …

Landfill gas-to-energy project prepares for start-up in Nebraska – Biomass Magazine

Lincoln, Neb., Mayor Chris Beutler and Kevin Wailes, administrator and CEO of Lincoln Electric System, recently dedicated the landfill gas-to-energy project, a 4.8-megawatt (MW) LES power generating facility fuelled with methane gas produced at the city …

However, the surface of completed landfills can often be leased at very low rates from the landfill owner, by those who seek to invest in solar energy when the landfill capping is thin and the old landfill surface of low agricultural value.

In addition if there has already been landfill gas extraction with electric power previously supplied to the local power grid, the cost of a new power line into the local grid may be avoided.

It is no wonder then, that there are now quite often US solar panel installations projects starting where solar panel arrays will be placed on the restored surafce of old landfills. Again, we provide some examples of such landfill energy systems projects, below:

Solar Panel Arrays on Landfill Sites

New solar farm replacing landfill site – WWLP 22News
New solar farm replacing landfill site

The area just off Cottage Street used to be home to a landfill, now this garbage site has been covered and ventilated and can now properly hold a solar panel site. It hasn't been a landfill since the early 1970s and now the energy it creates as a solar …

Farming the sun – The Providence Journal

Atop the closed Forbes Street landfill, workers are installing 12,848 panels that will capture energy from the sun. As reported by Journal staff writer Alex Kuffner, the East Providence solar field is expected to generate enough power to supply 500 

The presence of solar panel energy farms on landfills may receive objections as an eyesore at some sites, but in geneal the revenue should be a good thing as may help the landowner to pay for the costs of continued monitoring and maintenance of old landfill.

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