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Increasing Recycling Collection in Flats (Apartment Buildings)

Increasing Recycling Collection in Flats (Apartment Buildings) is the next big recycling challenge for cities. “Recycling Is Easy… Unless You Live In A Flat”, Agnieszka Chruszcz wrote recently in the CIWM Journal about Flats Recycling (Apartment Recycling). As a senior consultant at Resource Futures, engaged work on improving recycling collection in flats, Agnieszka says: “Recycling in […]

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Recycling and Sustainable Waste Management is Changing be Smart Stay-Ahead or Lose

All businesses now need to plan for recycling and sustainable waste management like never before. Pressure is mounting to improve the ways all businesses work. Brexit will mean all have to work smarter, and a large part of this starts by looking again at waste. Those that don’t keep up-to-date on waste risk the glare of […]

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Is Your Local Council the Best Deal for Bulky Waste?

Will you really get the Best Deal for Bulky Waste from your local council? It pays to check other options for bulky waste collection. Back in 2014, many local councils introduced fees for collecting bulky waste, those items such as fridges, freezers, beds and mattresses. As a means of cutting their own costs, many councils […]

List of Top Waste Contractors UK.

List of the Top UK Civil Engineering Contractors 2012

NCE’s Annual Contractors File 2013 and List of Top UK Civil Engineering Contractors of 2012-13

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Landfill Tonnage Now Less Than Recycled Waste and Recyclate Quality Issues

Recyclate quality is one of two interesting topics in the News this month, within the waste industry in the UK. Both subjects have served to point up the rapid progress being made in the UK away from landfilling our waste. The use of recyclate as the main raw material for recycled products has grown to […]

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Are You Ready To Convert To Renewable Energy? Check Out These Tips!

There are many ways to incorporate a greener philosophy into the operations of your home. Converting to renewable energy is one of them, and not only will it contribute to a better environment, it will save you money! Keep reading for some new and exciting ideas on how to make your home greener by using […]

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Why You Should Not Send WEEE Waste (Electrical Goods) To Landfill

Many people choose to throw away their electrical goods (e waste), in the bin as materials to be sent to a landfills around the country. We explain why this is bad. In fact doing so contributes to a growing environmental problem that, if not dealt with, will lead to serious damage to the atmosphere.

United Resource Operators Confederation – The Trade Association for the UK Skip Hire Sector

Read the news about the new trade association to be known as URoc. The United Resource Operators Confederation will represent the United Kingdom’s skip hire and waste transfer sector.

Waste Managers Must Become Resource Managers – Collective Angst at Conference

At UK waste industry’s Chartered Institution of Wastes Management annual conference how traditional waste companies can transform their business models to take advantage of improve was discussed.