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Phones are a great item to recycle, and you can get paid as well!

What is Recycling and What Can We Recycle?

I believe that lots of people still don’t understand what is recycling, why and how we can do it. So, I have decided to write the following piece to inform you and let you know all important things about recycling. I hope you find this informative.

What Is Recycling?

Image illustrates what is recycling showing a super-recycler!
Superman? Or recycling geek? We will go to any lengths to explain what is recycling!!

Recycling, the latest practice for promoting the Green living in the country. It means a procedure in which you process used materials and use them to make new products in an effort to keep the environment healthy and pollution-free.

Recycling helps in doing the following things in this regard;

  • It prevents excessive waste of useful materials.
  • It reduces the use of new raw materials.
  • It reduces energy use.
  • It reduces pollution of air and water.
  • It reduces the need for waste disposal.
  • It is beneficial to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

In short, recycling is the most important part of modern waste management. Many products are recyclable such as paper, plastic, scrap metals, glass, textiles, and electronics.

Why Is Recycling So Important?

The average household in the United Kingdom produces more than 1 tonne of waste each year which is a shocking amount. This equates to around 31 million tonnes a year in the United Kingdom, this is the equivalent to the weight of three and a half million double-decker buses.

Along with this appalling piece of information, this amount of waste is increasing year on year; every year people in the UK produce about 3% more waste than the year before.

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Old recycled wood is used to make a sculpture of a moving figure
Recycled materials can be used to make art. That way it doesn't end up in landfills.

When all this waste ends up in the landfills, it becomes a cause of air, soil and water pollution because they contain various harmful substances. Therefore, it is quite important to dispose of the waste in an appropriate way i.e. recycling. The good thing you will come to appreciate by knowing what is recycling, is that up to 60% of the waste that ends up in the dustbin can be recycled.

Through a proper recycling process, unused products are recycled and reused for making new products. Nowadays, there are a lot of recycling companies that take your wasted products off and pay you some prices for them. That means recycling gives you a chance to
make the money in return, as well as you take a part in saving the environment. [So, you could answer when asked “what is recycling”, that its a way of making money for some types of recycling!]

What Can You Recycle from Home?

Let’s have a look at what kind of materials can be recycled.


Phones are a great item to recycle, and you can get paid as well!
Phones are a great item to recycle, and you can often get handsomely paid for mobile phone recycling, as well!

Did you know approximately 170 million new electrical items are purchased in the UK each year? Yes, it is also a fact that when they become obsolete, they are disposed of in the landfills. That means they are hazardous to the environment. Hence, the great thing is that electrical devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, TVs, and cameras etc. also can be recycled and reused for making some new products.

According to a recent stat, there are more than 95 million old and unwanted mobile phones available in the UK that need to be discarded in an eco-friendly way. However, only 20% mobile devices are currently recycled and mobile phone recycling is beneficial not only for you but also for the environment. It can save energy, protect the environment, and recovers some precious metals.

So, open your drawers, you will have one or two old mobile phones as unwanted items.

Browse a top recycling company online and present your old phone devices for sale.

However, because of increasing demand for mobile phone recycling, it can be a daunting task to look for a right recycling company. Well, thanks to mobile phone comparison websites that have made mobile phone recycling easier than ever before. With a single click, you can get a fair comparison of top recycling companies and find out the topmost price for your mobile phone recycled. There is another case, if you want to earn some cash by selling your mobile phone, you can simply sell it to Companies that would pay you the most cash out of it.


 An image which provides a representation of what is recycling.Most of the paper products can be recycled such as newspaper, packaging items, books, business cards, and much more. Paper and card products make up the 5th of the usual household dustbin. More than 12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are used in the UK each year and if every person in the UK recycles just 10% more paper, it would save at least 5 million trees per year. However, only two-thirds of paper is recycled, making it one of the significant materials recycled in the UK.

So, make a collection of paper products and go to a local recycler to recycle them. It will help you de-clutter your home and earn some cash.


The glass is another common material that can be recycled over and over again. According to some recent facts and figures, 1 recycled glass bottle has the potential to provide energy to a computer for about 25 minutes. Hence, each UK family uses an average of 500 glass bottles and jars each year.

5 out of every 6 glass bottles are dumped into garbage tins; it is not really good. So, everyone should contribute to glass recycling to reduce the glass waste in the country.

Collect all glass bottles and jars in a box and visit a local recycling shop to recycle them.


Another common household item that can be recycled is plastic. According to recent data, approximately 275,000 tonnes of plastic are used per year in the UK that means almost 15 million bottles each day. Plastic products such as carrier bags and bottles that are tossed into the oceans kill about 1,000,000 sea creatures each year.

This is why you must consider plastic recycling instead of throwing the plastic waste in the trash bins. When you approach a trustworthy recycler for plastic recycling, you will get some cash in return.


Did you know in 2010/11, approximately 215,000 tonnes of metal cans were recycled in England with a worth of about £23.5 million? Yes, metal cans are 100% recyclable again and again.

Aluminium is also another metal that can be recycled. According to some stat, over 9 billion drinks cans (80% made of aluminium) are produced in the UK. In an entire year, a single drink cans can be recycled eight times, saving sufficient energy to produce 160 new cans.

Wow, it’s really amazing.

On average, each household uses more than 600 steel cans per year that means approximately 12.5 billion steel cans are used in the UK every year. The good thing is that all steel cans are 100% recyclable.

Therefore, everyone should consider metals recycling. Try to make a large collection of all kinds of metals and recycle them now to earn money.

A Conclusion to “What is Recycling”

Now you should have a much better understanding of what is recycling, and if you have a mobile phone that is not being used it can be really worth your time to recycle it without delay. Also, be quick to recycle phones because their value can drop rapidly while the are left unused. To decide where to send your phone for recycling we suggest you visit the website at “” here.

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  1. We have heard that some clothes manufacturers will take back heir old clothes and even make new clothes with the textiles after shredding them down and re-weaving the fibres. Is that true and where can I find a way to recycle my clothes like that?

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