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Biffa – 30 Facts or Factoids?

This list of 20 “Facts or Factoids?” was fun to compile and we hope you enjoy them. They are compiled from around the web and reflect both what Biffa is saying about itself and people’s views about this waste management company. We didn’t collect references to back-up these “rubbish” facts which range from newsworthy, to frankly […]

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Image shows the features of fish waste.

Fish Waste – A 5 Minute Tutorial

Fish waste is an underutilized form of food waste that has potential for a wide array of products, including methane production. In Norway alone, over a million tonnes of it is generated every year. For a long while, fish waste has been refined using comminution and heating, to separate the fish oil. Quality fish oils […]

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waste management challenges feature

5 Waste Management Challenges to Keep Us All Healthy

Read on for our views on 5 top challenges of Waste Management to keep us all healthy. That includes the natural environment of the living creatures around us. But, before we start let us just clarify what Waste Management is, as follows: Defining Waste Management Waste management is the collection, transportation, disposal or recycling and monitoring […]

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Image features the motif How to Green Up your lifestyle.

How to Green Up Your Lifestyle and Save Money

Isn’t it time to learn how to green up your lifestyle? Unless you live in a cave on a remote island, without any method of communicating with the outside world, you will know one fact. That fact is that climate change/ global warming and resource depletion are environmental issues that are not about to go […]

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Are you “Safe to Employ”, or a “Bull in a China Shop”

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