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Featured image illustrating Calgary's E-waste recycling.

The Easy Solution for Calgary’s E-Waste Recycling Needs

Read on to find out the easy solution for Calgary’s electronic waste recycling needs. Many people think that dumping their old computers, phones, and printers in a landfill can be a convenient solution. However, hazardous materials will often leak from them, and they can have an adverse impact on everyone’s health in the community and […]


Why Do We Recycle? The Importance Of Recycling And Reasons To Recycle

Why Do We Recycle? The pressing need for recycling and the reasons to recycle. Many people wonder if recycling truly makes a difference. It’s essential to know that recycling protects our planet and conserves crucial natural resources. This article will guide you through the benefits of recycling and how it impacts both our planet and daily lives. Keep reading to uncover […]

Featured image with the text: "List of 9 Innovative Waste Management Ideas."

Innovative Waste Management Ideas: Launch Your Green Dream Business

We’ve listed our innovative waste management ideas to help entrepreneurial businesses launch their dream green businesses. The world is drowning in waste. Landfills are overflowing, plastic pollutes our oceans, and traditional waste management methods are straining under the pressure. But amidst this growing crisis, a wave of innovation is surging. Entrepreneurs are developing creative solutions […]

Thumbnail featured image with the text: "List of 4 Thermal Treatment Processes for waste

List of 4 Thermal Treatment Processes For Solid Waste Management

Facing the problem of what to do with rubbish in your town or region? Thermal treatment processes can turn waste into energy and other useful by-products. This article explores different ways we can manage waste, helping us make smarter choices for the environment. Keep reading to find out more. Key Takeaways Thermal treatment changes rubbish into energy and other […]

Featured image for the article: The legal definition of waste.

The Legal Definition Of “Waste” and the “End of Waste”

Unravelling the legal definition of waste in British law. Understanding what counts as waste has always been tricky, but nowadays recycling makes it more so. One key fact is that laws do help define when something is waste, but they can soon become restrictive if you take a waste, and process it in some way to […]


Five Ways To Mitigate Climate Change

Climate change is a pressing issue facing our world today. Every day, we see the effects of rising global temperatures – from extreme weather events to diminishing ice caps. In 2013, for a stark example, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere went over 400 parts per million for the first time in human […]

Featured image for the article titled: "A Guide To Simpler Recycling Of Food Waste For Local Authorities."

A Guide To Simpler Recycling Of Food Waste For Local Authorities

Recycling food waste can be difficult. Many people find it hard to know what they can recycle already. Now the overriding importance of preserving the environment means food waste must be recycled, making it even more complex. The UK government, while implementing food waste recycling in all of the UK, by April 2026, has made […]

Grundon Lakeside recycling centre and incinerator

Thermal Treatment Of Waste – Incineration To Pyrolysis The Ultimate Guide

Dealing with waste is a big problem for all communities. Every year, we produce billions of tonnes of waste worldwide. This article will guide you through the thermal treatment of waste, from incineration to pyrolysis, offering solutions to reduce this burden. Stay informed and make a difference. Understanding Thermal Treatment of Waste A waste-to-energy plant […]

Featured image for the article titled: "Compost Depackaging Systems for Microplastic Free Commercial Compost".

Compost Depackaging Systems for Microplastic Free Commercial Compost

How to use compost depackaging systems to produce microplastic-free commercial compost. Everyone hates finding bits of plastic in commercially available garden compost. The good news is that efficient depackaging and separation machinery is now available to remove plastic bags and miscellaneous plastic items. So, for the sake of the environment, the composting industry should cease […]

Image with text; "Life cycle analysis of a product: A Complete Guide."

Mastering The Complete Life Cycle Analysis Of A Product: A Comprehensive Guide

A comprehensive guide to mastering a product’s full life cycle analysis. In other words, why it makes sense for any business to prepare and use a life cycle analysis of a product, and how to set about doing it. Struggling to understand how products impact the planet? A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) can reveal this. […]

The levy of a plastic bag tax may reduce sights like the one shown in this image of a heap of plastic pollution in front of a dramatic cityscape view.

The Impact of Taxing Plastic Bags on Consumer Behaviour and Environmental Sustainability

Discover the positive changes in consumer behaviour and environmental sustainability resulting from taxing plastic bags. Read more here! Taxing Plastic Bags

Wood Recyclers Seek Clarification Re: Permitted Biomass Boiler Fuels

Clarification of Permitted Biomass Boiler Fuels for Wood Recyclers

A recent development in biomass boiler fuels and the fuels permitted in the UK is that Wood Recyclers are seeking clarification regarding permitted Biomass Boiler Fuels. Back in 2017 when we first published this article, the Wood Recyclers Association (WRA)) was calling for clarification on exactly what grades of wood are acceptable for small-scale RHI […]