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Image with text: "Using the 3 Rs to Help the Environment".

Using The 3 R’s To Help The Environment – The Wasters Blog

We all know the feeling of looking at a brimming rubbish bin and wondering, where will it all go? Surprisingly, an average person generates nearly 2 kilograms of waste daily—that’s a lot of trash! This article is your guide to taking on the challenge with three simple actions: reduce, reuse and recycle. Dive in – […]

Image with text: "How much does it cost to rent a skip?"

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Skip?

How much does it cost to rent a skip? is exactly the right question to ask when undertaking a home renovation, garden clear-out, or construction project. One of the first questions to pop up is where to dispose of all the waste. Forgetting to order a skip can be a very bad mistake. Debris piles […]

An infographic showing - How a Depackaging Machine Works.

The Characteristics and Features of a Good Depackaging Machine in 2024

In this article, we describe what we believe makes a good depackaging machine right now. Machines of this type have been in use for about 40 years, but most are first-generation machines that produce an unacceptable microplastic burden. We discuss why this needs to stop while also taking a general view of the design of […]

The Importance of "Recycle and Reuse"

The Importance Of Recycle And Reuse In Waste Management: A Complete Guide

Every day, our planet is swamped with rubbish that could otherwise be reused or recycled. Did you know that by simply reusing an item, we can save energy and reduce the strain on our natural resources? This guide will show you practical ways to make a big difference in waste management through recycling and reusing. […]

House clearance in progress 3D

Your Ultimate Guide To House Clearance

With our expert tips for house clearance, this is your ultimate go-to guide. Dealing with a cluttered house can be overwhelming, especially when it’s time to make space or move on. Finding a trustworthy house clearance service is crucial; they handle everything you don’t need anymore responsibly. Our guide offers insights into selecting the best team for the job; they’ll clear out […]

Featured image showing the text "Dirty Jobs Episode 25 - Garbage Worker".

Dirty Jobs Season 2 – Episode 25: Garbage Pit Technician

Dirty Jobs Season 2 – Episode 25: Garbage Pit Technician is an unflinching video looking look at the unsung American Worker, and the unusual but vital vocations that must be done. There is much to be learned from watching DIRTY WORK as each week host Mike Rowe introduces the viewer to an elite assortment of […]

cartoon illustrates how not to recycle empty printer cartridges1

Where to Dispose of Printer Cartridges: Easy Environmentally Friendly Options

We’ve been looking at the alternatives now available for the responsible recycling of your old cartridges to answer questions we’ve received on where to dispose of printer cartridges. It’s like this! Have you ever found yourself with a stack of used printer cartridges, wondering what to do with them? Many offices have a cupboard stuffed […]


4 Best Matchbox Trash Trucks 2024

Welcome to the world of Matchbox trash trucks, where tiny waste collection vehicles not much bigger than a matchbox can spark wonderful adventures in young minds. Finding the perfect toy garbage vehicle (refuse collection vehicle or RCV to the waste trade) isn’t always straightforward – many parents and collectors know that feeling all too well. […]

5 Top Types of Incinerators

5 Top Types of Incinerators

Discover the different types of incinerators, the waste types they burn, and their unique benefits in waste management. Find the perfect solution for your specific needs! From fixed grate to fluidized bed, explore the world of incineration technologies and find out which one suits your requirements best. Understanding how we, as a society, handle waste […]

Waste Management and Climate Change

Waste Management And Climate Change: The Damage Done by Rubbish and Solutions

Waste management and climate change, or the way we dispose of our trash and the contribution of what we throw away to global warming, is a big issue. The climate change emergency is not all about excessive use of non-renewable energy. It is also about vast global methane-emitting landfills, and how we plan to transition […]

Ways to reuse waste featured image showing DIY recycled cork coasters.

10 Creative Ways to Reuse Waste Materials and Reduce Waste

We live in a world where waste is a significant issue, and finding sustainable solutions by finding creative ways to reuse waste materials is crucial. Repurposing waste materials not only helps reduce waste but also sparks creativity and innovation. In this article, we will explore 10 creative ways to reuse waste materials, showcasing the endless […]


Top 7 Eco Friendly Christmas Tips! – How To Go Green Next Christmas

Are you wondering how to make your Christmas celebration greener? A shocking fact: during the holiday season, waste in landfills increases by 25%. This article offers seven practical and easy-to-follow tips to reduce that number next Christmas. Get ready to celebrate sustainably! Key Takeaways Importance of an Eco-Friendly Christmas An eco-friendly Christmas plays a crucial […]