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United Resource Operators Confederation – The Trade Association for the UK Skip Hire Sector

Logo image of the United Resource Operators Confederation.United Resource Operators Confederation is the Trade Association for UK Skip Hire Sector.

It is the trade association which represents the United Kingdom's skip hire and waste transfer sector. This trade association to publicises its members, and publishes standards. The Waster welcomed the formation of this association in 2010.

The “not-for-profit” organisation and limited company, is known as the United Resource Operators Confederation (URoc)

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]This article, as follows, was originally published in 2012 when it included the announcement of the formation of this organisation.[/box]

We understand that URoc was an idea which started going the rounds several months ago and its founder group started out by communicating through the UK “Skip Hire Magazine”.

We also think that the final spur to getting this body started will he have been the lobbying skip hire contractors carried out in this sector, when the UK Tax Authorities last month issued a very problematic clarification of the tax status of the use of “trommel fines” at landfill sites.

It seems that their protests about skip company insolvencies looming as a result of the change, have been taken seriously and their case is being considered by the UK government, as a result of the industry pressure which has been applied on the subject.

So, URoc (Resource Operators Consortium) will be a voice for the skip hire, waste transfer and materials recycling facilities of the UK waste management industry. Indeed URoc has now been born as a “not-for-profit” trade body formed from members from the industry acting for the industry, in a way similar to most industry sector bodies.

We have the following excerpt from their initial starter web home page:

The main objective of URoc is to support the industry in all aspects of its business and responding to Government consultations and guidance documents. It will be a focal point for members to come to for advice and a communication hub for the exchange of ideas and solutions for common issues.
Finance generated from membership fees will be used with the sole purpose of furthering the overarching principals of the trade body.
A shadow committee has been formed whilst membership grows. The United Resource Operators Confederation (URoc) maintains a democratic structure and a fully appointed committee will be elected by its members in due course. The URoc shadow committee has attended with the Government authorities to assist in resolving the “trommel fines” issues, which has triggered turmoil in the industry. Working with Government and other key industry stakeholders has resulted in clarification guidance from HMRC. The landfill issue highlighted the urgent and important need to have a collective and united voice that represents our sector.
Look out for more to come about the United Resource Operators Confederation, in the next few weeks, by visiting their web site and looking out for the official web site launch. Here…
More about skip hiring is here.
Please support this blog by commenting on this United Resource Operators Confederation news. Is this not a very positive step, after-all, this sector is large and growing, and will clearly benefit from this move? If you agree show your support by commenting below.
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