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391,000 Tonnes/yr of Landfill Waste Diverted in DEFRA PFI Deal

£181.6m for project to save 391,000 tonnes of landfill waste

Waste facilities in Leicestershire and the South West will see major improvements thanks to a combined £181.6 million in funding announced by Defra today.

In Leicestershire, the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) project is expecting to divert 98,000 tonnes of Biodegradable Municipal Waste from landfill in 2020. In the South West the PFI project will divert 293,000 tonnes from landfill in 2020 – making an important contribution to the UK’s landfill directive targets.

Leicestershire plans to build on its already successful recycling and composting record. Not only does the county expect to reach the Government’s 2020 recycling target of 50 per cent 10 years early, but with further plans it aims to reach 58 per cent by 2017. In the South West, 92 per cent of the biodegradable waste in the area will be diverted from landfill.

The schemes could also deliver estimated total net carbon savings of 53,260 tonnes in 2019/20, compared to the current situation. The potential for combined heat and power (CHP) could increase this further to 121,500 tonnes of savings over both projects.

Waste Minister Joan Ruddock said:

“Reducing our reliance on landfill is an essential part of the drive to tackle climate change and I welcome the ambitious commitment made by Leicestershire and three authorities in the South West.

“PFI agreements like this create a real incentive for local authorities and industry to work together to cut waste and make better use of the waste we do create, as well as reducing our impact on the environment.”

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