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Illustration of an AD process plant.

Anaerobic Digestion “Big Opportunity” for Municipal Waste

Urban-based local authorities should consider the anaerobic digestion big opportunity, as an alternative to in-vessel composting for the recycling of municipal biodegradable food waste, according to researchers at WRAP. Speaking today (23 April 2007) at the annual Recycling and Waste Forum in Birmingham on Thursday, WRAP’s organics supply programme manager Louise Hollingworth said: “In-vessel composting […]

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What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing of a brand, product, and service today; divided into two main categories as traditional marketing and digital marketing statistic by AvesAPI. Traditional marketing is using direct or indirect methods of reaching targeted customers. These methods are pretty straightforward and simple. You just need to deposit money, take a series of actions and get results. However, almost everything […]

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