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New Battery designs are one predicted renewable energy trend of 2019.

Renewable Energy Trends Of 2019

There are many exciting developments in the renewable energy trends of 2019!

The adoption of renewable energy is proceeding at least as rapidly as was hoped globally. That's good news for decarbonising the globe, but within that overall picture there's a great deal more of interest. Read-on to find out more about solar panel advances, the trend in wind-farm up-sizing, Microgrid AI implementation. And, finally, the latest trend for communities and companies to pledge just how deeply they intend to go into renewable energy use.

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Renewable energy is an energy source that can’t be exhausted over time. Energy sources like solar and wind powers are two of the best examples of this type of energy. There were a lot of uncertainties around policies involving renewable energies in 2018. However, despite the challenges, the renewable energy sector still performed exceptionally well, and they can see that performance becoming even better in 2019. Experts at Bloomberg New Energy Finance say that renewable energy is now at the point where it can equally compete with fossil fuels. This news isn’t just good for everyone; it’s also good for the planet as carbon emissions are lowered. It’s an exciting year for the renewable energy sector, and it’s because of the following trends that we can expect to happen.

#1 Energy Storage

Image shows #1 renewable energy trend of 2019.Renewable energy storages are energy deposits that are stored even when there’s a variable change in demand. For instance, wind turbines are powered by planetary gearboxes (this site will help explain this technology). Without wind, these gearboxes won’t move and supply energy. To counteract that possibility, excess energy is stored so it can be used at a later time.

Energy storages are stored in batteries. These batteries supply power when conditions aren’t optimal to generate energy. Experts are predicting forward from last year, and this suggests that one of the big renewable energy trends of 2019 will be a leap forward in affordability. 2019 is the year that energy storage companies will offer more viable and affordable solutions to the market. As more communities, commercial sectors and industrial sectors take advantage of energy storage, the end of traditional sources of energy becomes clearer.

#2 Installation Simplicity

Image shows #2 trend in renewable energy prices dropping likely to continue.Prices of solar panels in 2018 have decreased dramatically, and experts predict that it will continue to follow this trend in 2019. A decrease in price would mean that installations will become simpler and viable even for small communities without power. When you no longer have to think about the cost of these modules, you can focus on other costs such as logistics and securing permits.

Currently, there’s 1.5Bn people all over the world without access to any form of energy. As the technologies behind renewable energy become affordable, the only hurdle is the logistical problem. The possibility of addressing energy access problems as cleanly as possible and without affecting climate change is what excites the people in the renewable energy sector.

#3 Offshore Wind Power Expansion

Image shows the trend for 2019 in renewable energy for wind power.Offshore wind energy power refers to wind turbines that are deployed in large bodies of water to gather energy to produce electricity. The reason why offshore wind power gained popularity is because of higher and stronger wind speeds which are readily available. The biggest offshore wind farm is in Walney Island in the United Kingdom. It has the capacity of up to 659 MW. The United States has only one offshore wind farm, and that’s in Block Island, it can produce power up to 300 MW.

In Europe, offshore wind power has already taken off. Experts suggest that in 2019 markets in the U.S., China and Russia will follow this trend and invest in bigger offshore wind farms.

#4 AI & Microgrids

Image shows Trend for 2019 in renewable energy being increased Microgrid AI use.Microgrids are local power grids that can operate autonomously depending on the economic and physical conditions it can also run while being connected to a bigger and more traditional power grid. Microgrid implementation can be seen in smaller communities where power isn’t always available. As these kinds of implementations become quicker, the need for an optimized system to manage it also increases — this is where AI comes in.

This year, you’ll see a much broader AI implementation in the renewable energy sector. With the help of AI’s machine learning ability, microgrids can respond and adapt better to changing demands which will impact the overall improvement of its operation. A good example is Palau, the thirteenth smallest country in the world. They plan to utilize microgrids to help them transition into 70% renewable energy by 2050.

#5 Worldwide Adherence

CC BY by Carbon Visuals

A lot of countries, cities, and corporations are taking part in effectively reducing carbon emissions to help slow down climate change and the rise in global temperature. As of right now, 100 cities in the world reported having at least 70% of their power rely on a renewable energy source. According to RE100, more than 160 companies have committed to going 100% renewable.

Moreover, after the 2015 Paris Agreement, more countries are inspired to follow suit and switch from traditional energy sources to renewables.

It seems that despite the hurdles that renewable energy faced in the previous year, they don’t see any reason for slowing down in 2019. While renewables are still at a young age and there’s still improvements to be had. As an individual, you have the power to make the change and help control the worsening condition of our climate.

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