ZERO Waste England and Wales – Next Step Landfill Bans?

Our politicians have committed England and Wales to a target of zero waste in the future.

Similar intentions have been in place in Scotland for somewhat longer.

The next step will be additional regulations to limit the use of landfill, because the intent is to do much better than current EU wide legislation and targets on waste diversion from landfill.

UK government funded organisation WRAP has funded a newly published report which proposes landfill bans for England and Wales, and UK organisations and residents are being given the opportunity to comment on these ideas right now.

WRAP’s vision is a world without waste, where resources are used sustainably. In their own words; they work with businesses and individuals to help them reap the benefits of reducing waste, develop sustainable products and use resources in an efficient way.

They certainly believe that by limiting or stopping various materials being sent to landfill there would be a net positive effect of these so called “landfill bans” both in the short term to our economy, but also, and in the end more importantly reducing emissions and making our world much more sustainable.

The Waster wonders about the possible negative effects on industry of landfill bans if the way that businesses can use materials becomes much much heavily restricted by the methods allowed for its disposal. Clearly, we have already moved a long way down that road, and no new principles would be established by this, but it is a matter of degree, and at some point our entrepreneurial spirit may be badly affected. In other words when does reasonably “a can do” culture turn into “too difficult” for those people and busineses with ideas, the courage and the spirit, to set up new manufacturing endeavours.

It is reported that climate change benefits and resource efficiency gains are likely to be greatest where landfill bans are coupled with a requirement to sort materials;

The report writers have selected the wastes for which these gains seem most likely to be achieved whilst delivering net benefits to society are:

Drycake Twister food waste depackaging plastics separator
  • paper / card
  • food
  • textiles
  • metals
  • wood
  • green
  • glass
  • For more information got to; WRAP report Landfill Bans: Feasibility Research

    For organisaions and interreested individuals to comment to Defra on the report; Go to Consultation on the introduction of restrictions on the landfilling of certain wastes.

    Also – Why not give us your comment, as well?

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