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Quality Protocol Published for Composting Industry

(15.03.07) The Quality Protocol for Compost was published today, promising to cut red tape for composting companies and help them market their compost as a quality product.

Developed by the Environment Agency and the Waste and Resources Action Programme, it has also had input from the Composting Association and the National Farmers Union.

The Protocol aims to give certainty for the marketplace that compost is a valuable resource, rather than a “waste”.

It will see composters that process organic waste to the PAS100 industry standard able to classify their material as a “product”, rather than a “waste”.

It means they will be able to store, manage and sell their compost without it being governed by waste regulations, and should boost sales to higher end markets including landscaping, agriculture and horticulture.

Speaking to, Dr Nina Sweet, part of the waste regulation policy team at the Environment Agency said: “It is all about increasing choice for composters. The chief benefit of the Protocol is the level of certainty it will provide for the marketplace that the material will no longer be a waste. It will hopefully allow the development of the industry to go forward and the industry has said very strongly that it wants this opportunity.”


Over 100 composters are already PAS100-accredited, and many others are in the process of seeking accreditation. Those already accredited will need to check the acceptable list of inputs in the Protocol to ensure they are composting only those input types allowed.

More at the letsrecycle web site.

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