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Image shows loft rubbish cleared.

6 House Clearance Chores Good Local Rubbish Removal Companies Will Happily Do

Here is our list of six House Clearance Chores your local rubbish removal company will do for you. Not many people realise that good local waste skip companies are often willing to quote you a price, for additional labour. They’ll give prices, not just for providing a skip and collecting it later, but for doing […]

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Take The Great Waste Survey And Have Your Say – CIWM UK

CIWM’s Great Waste Survey 2008 gives you the chance to have your say on the industry’s hottest topics. For example, are you one of the 78% so far that see energy from waste as a no-brainer? Or are you in the minority that thinks the new Department for Energy and Climate Change will help clarify […]

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Lords will Ask for for Variable VAT to Cut Landfill Further

Stop picking on householders By John Oates of The Register Published Wednesday 20th August 2008 11:42 GMT The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee has said the government should do more to encourage businesses to recycle and reduce waste and take the focus away from householders. Recent attempts to reduce domestic waste by weighing […]

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