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Plastic Tea Bags are “Single Use Plastic” and Most Brands Don’t Use Just Paper

Few people knowingly use plastic tea bags, which are a “Single Use Plastic“, and yet the fact is that most major tea brands don’t use just paper. Read on and you will be amazed how tea bags are contributing to the plastic soup in our oceans and may even be jeopardising human health. On This […]

PAS100 Compost: Accredited Quality Protocol for UK Composting Industry

Find out about, PAS100 Compost the Accredited Quality Protocol for the UK Composting Industry. Updated BSI PAS 100 Compost Quality Standard A brand-new upgraded version of the 2011 standard was added in 2018. A new ‘compost quality’ condition has been inserted making more clear the existing needs to produce compost that is fit-for-purpose (suitable for […]

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What is Peat Free Compost?

We understand that you would like to know what Peat Free Compost is? Peat free compost is explained here so read-on! What is Peat Free Compost? The Meaning of Peat Free Explained Peat free compost is available for home garden use and to businesses. Just as it says pet free compost contains no peat. It […]

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What is Vermicomposting and Why is it Becoming Increasingly Popular?

After receiving a number of queries recently when we were asked; “What is Vermicomposting” we wrote this article in reply.  And; “Why is it Becoming Increasingly Popular?” Is also answered here. The humble earthworm has for millennia lived in our soils largely unseen, improving the quality of these materials to support the whole network of […]

Unexpected Benefits from Green-Waste Disposal Solution

Nature’s No. 1 Green-Waste Disposal Solution is composting in normal life. Composting is frequently given such a glowing reputation by its devotees that sometimes one wonders whether it can be as beneficial to a company, such as a plant nursery, as they suggest. Well, I guess we had better get ready to be convinced by […]

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Compost Bins – Take Care When Handling Compost, Follow These Handy Compost Tips

Here are some hints on getting the most from compost bins. Also, how to take care to avoid compost allergies and even illness, when handling compost. Many gardeners already know the value of the rich, dark, earthy material created by composting. It is one of the best mulches and richest fertilizers – and it’s cheap. In […]