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Image text: "Common Services Offered By Solar Companies".

Common Services Offered By Solar Companies in the Fight for GHG Reduction

The common services offered by Solar Companies matter more than you might think. Consider for a moment what solar energy can do for all nations in the fight against climate change. It's massive. Right!

But there is a tendency to think of solar panels as the be-all and end-all. In fact, a solar panel is useless and won't ever achieve any greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction unless it is part of an energy project.

Also, there is big money to be saved by using solar, as solar panel prices drop and fossil fuel prices soar upward during the global covid recovery just starting.

But solar panels on their own won't save you any money either! That's where the services offered by Solar Companies are essential and the reason for writing this article is to highlight those services.

Why? The answer is to better understand how to use solar in your projects.

Yes! We do mean in your projects to both:

  • reduce your contribution to disastrous storms, forest fires, and floods, to name just a few of the escalating effects of global warming which scientists say are largely due to excessive burning of fossil fuel
  • reduce your heating and general energy supply costs.

Image text: "Common Services Offered By Solar Companies".

We recommend reading the following and considering how solar service companies might be part of bringing your next project to fruition:

Common Services Offered By Solar Companies

Energy is an essential commodity. Our very lives and livelihoods depend on it so much so that most things we do revolve around it. It has many useful applications for residential and commercial activities and hardly can anyone do without it. In fact, the economy of most nations is dependent on it.

There are many different sources of energy available with each one having its own pros and cons. These include natural gas, nuclear, petroleum, biomass, hydrocarbons gas, hydroelectric, wind, hydropower, tidal, and so on. While some of these sources are renewable, a lot of the energy sources used now are non-renewable.

Solar remains one of the most popular forms of renewable energy. It has become increasingly popular in recent times due to advancements in technology. It is effective, clean, cheap, and inexhaustible. Because of this, a lot of countries are embracing it and encouraging moving to this renewable energy source and even incentivize it.

It can even be said to be the future of energy generation. As of now, individuals and businesses can generate the energy they need via this source by themselves. It can be used for a host of things when powering homes and businesses. You can see how it works from the various articles here.

The way it works is simple, solar power is energy from the sun that is converted to electricity using photovoltaic panels. It may be done indirectly using concentrated solar power or it can be a combination of these two. There is also what is referred to as solar water heating.

What Are The Services Provided By Solar Companies?

To utilize solar energy on your residential or commercial premises, you require the services of a solar energy company. They will help to evaluate your energy needs and install a suitable system that will work for you. These types of companies provide you with a range of services to make life easier. Some of these services include:

Solar Panel Installation and Electricity Generation

Electricity generation is perhaps the most popular use of solar power. This is done by installing photovoltaic panels on your roof or on an adjacent piece of land. Roofs are the most ideal places to install the panels but what is most important is that they get maximum sunlight.

The number and capacity of the panels that will be installed will be dependent on your energy needs. The experts will install both the external and internal parts of the systems and this may include a solar battery backup and inverter. With this, you will have electricity available.

Pool Heating Services

One of the important uses of this form of energy is pool heating. As a homeowner, you can reduce your swimming pool heating costs and GHG emissions through the installation of a solar pool heater. They are very cost-effective and have lower operating costs when compared to gas or heat pumps.

The system works by pumping water through series of tubes that are known as solar absorbers or collectors. This is either mounted on a roof of a building or on the ground. Sunlight is used to heat the water to a preset desirable level and is returned to the pool at a higher temperature.

Water Heating Systems

Water heating is important in most homes, especially during winter. It is one of the activities around the home that require a lot of energy usage. Thankfully, this can be handled through a solar water heating system.

These heaters make use of sunlight to heat water for residential, commercial as well as industrial uses. When the energy from the sun is converted into heat, it is transferred to a building’s water tank. This effectively warms up the water supply and it can then be used around the building.

This type of system can help you save a lot on your electricity bill each year. You can read more on it here


Most solar systems require little to no maintenance. However, solar companies can help you manage and maintain yours if there is a need to. They can help you inspect your system from time to time to ensure that things are working perfectly. It is recommended that you have it checked every 5 years.

Part of maintenance involves removing dirt from the panels and making sure they are clean and nothing is blocking them. If your system uses batteries, you may need to inspect and service this from time to time and change them when necessary. You may ask your installer about other types of maintenance that are required.


Although this form of energy is touted as cheap and it is in the long run, the initial outlay can be a huge investment. Depending on the type and size of your system, you may require financial help to fund the project.

Companies help in this regard in several ways so that you are able to install your solar system. They can offer financing and payment installment plans that make it easier for their customers. Deals from a supplier are often better than going to the bank for a loan.

No matter how you chose to fund your installation, one thing is sure. You will always get a good return on your investment.

When choosing a company for your installation, ensure that they are reliable and that they have the right expertise. This will help save you from a lot of hassles and give you peace of mind.


Solar is one of the best sources of energy available. It is cheap, readily available, clean, and can be used to meet most of your energy needs. To install a solar power system, all you need to do is contact an experienced and reliable company. They can provide you a range of services that will meet your needs.

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