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The 4 Types of Nuclear Waste and UK Nuclear Decommissioning Stats

In this post we have included a copy of our info-graphic which explains what the 4 types of nuclear waste are ( Nuclear Waste, Intermediate Level Nuclear Waste, Nuclear Waste, and Very Nuclear Waste).

Our source is an extract from part of the excellent article about progress in nuclear decommissioning in the UK, by Magnox senior manager Dr John Collinson, which was published in the CIWM Journal this September.

For those that may be reading this from an email, or a device which does not show the image, the following is a short extract from the article, which includes the statistics on decommissioning which are included at the bottom of our info graphic:

“In the UK, the total amount of radioactive waste (including radioactive waste expected to arise from existing nuclear facilities) is about 4.7m m3, or around 5m tonnes. A further lm m3 has already been disposed of. Of the UK’s total radioactive waste, about 94 percent (ie, about 4.4m m3) falls into the category. About six percent (290 000 m3) is in the category, and less than 0.1 percent (1 000 m3] is classed as HLW. Although the volume of HLW is relatively small, it contains about 95 percent of the total inventory of radioactivity.”

We hope that you find our graphic (above) interesting and informative! (If you cannot see the info-graphic image, we recommend that you click through to our blog site to see it.)

Types Of Nuclear Waste

Types Of Nuclear Waste

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