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Ways to reuse waste featured image showing DIY recycled cork coasters.

10 Creative Ways to Reuse Waste Materials and Reduce Waste

We live in a world where waste is a significant issue, and finding sustainable solutions by finding creative ways to reuse waste materials is crucial. Repurposing waste materials not only helps reduce waste but also sparks creativity and innovation. In this article, we will explore 10 creative ways to reuse waste materials, showcasing the endless […]

Scrubbing Towers article featured image. AI sourced.

Scrubbing Towers For Air Pollution Control Carbon Capture & More

In this article, you will find a guide to the benefits of gas scrubbing towers for air pollution control and the useful collection of gases in industrial applications. One example in the waste industry is carbon dioxide capture (CO2) from biogas, and another is the collection of ammonia from the composting process while drying the […]

Featured Image for Solid Recovered Fuel article.

Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) and the UK SRF Market

In this article, we have the latest information for you about Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) and as we are a UK-based blog while looking at the market we focus on the UK SRF Market. If you would like to know the UK Market sectors that make and burn SRF read on! Navigating the intricate network […]

PAS 108 car tyre bales - featured image.

Tyre Bales a Revolutionary Use for Old Car Tyres – PAS 108 Explained

Advantages of BSI PAS 108 Tyre Bales: A New Sustainable Use for a Problem Waste A simple act by WRAP in 2008 revolutionised the use of tyre bales in UK civil engineering and landscape applications, sustainably using this material where otherwise resources would be wasted at their disposal. It will be obvious to our Wastersblog […]

Smart Waste Sorting - Separating recyclates-from the residue.

Smart Waste Sorting: How they Separate Recyclates from Residues in Recycling Centres MRFs & ERFs

Smart Waste Sorting: Sorting waste effectively in recycling centres poses a significant challenge amid escalating global waste issues. Today, smart waste sorting technology using AI is transforming this process by optimising the separation of recyclable materials from residual waste. This article explores how cutting-edge robotics and artificial intelligence are just starting to streamline the handling of the waste influx in Material Recovery […]

Sustainable Food Waste Recycling with Seditank

Sustainable Food Waste Recycling Solutions: Eliminating Grit and Plastics with the Seditank

This article is all about sustainable food waste recycling solutions which can be achieved by eliminating grit and plastics from the organic soup output of the Twister™ and Seditank™ depackaging machinery manufactured, supplied and serviced by the Drycake™ company. The sustainable solutions considered to be the aim of the recycling/ waste processing plant operators are: […]

Image text: "First use of biomethane fuel for transport vehicles

First Use of Biomethane for Transport Fuel – 1st UK Biobus – 2008 Camden Council, London

The historic first use of biomethane (now known as rCNG) in a council vehicle in the UK was in the London Borough of Camden. The fuel is now increasingly used for powering buses. The main reason for using it is its comparatively clean burning characteristics, which means fewer exhaust fumes and lower air pollution, making […]