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Consumers are Confused by Terms Like ‘Renewable’

The misconceptions among consumers of what terms like renewable, bio-based and biodegradable mean pose challenges for companies putting labels on their products and their packaging.

Scrapped Plasterboard No Longer Classified As Waste In Scotland

SEPA has announced that plasterboard that meets BSI PAS109:2008 won’t count as waste. This is very encouraging to the recycling companies invloved.

WRG Announcement Gives Welcome Boost to UK Solid Recovered Fuel Market

It a good news announcement for UK MBT Plants. Global building solutions provider CEMEX is forming a partnership with the Waste Recycling Group (WRG) PLC to produce Climafuel, an renewable fuel known as SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) derived from waste, for use in cement making at the Rugby cement plant.

MBT in Germany is in the Best of Health

German MBT leader stands up in defence of Mechanical Biological Treatment.

Tyre Bales a Revolutionary Use for Old Car Tyres – PAS 108 Explained

Advantages of BSI PAS 108 Tyre Bales: A New Sustainable Use for a Problem Waste A simple act by WRAP should revolutionise the use of tyre bales in civil engineering and landscape applications, sustainably using this material where otherwise resources would be wasted in their disposal. It will be obvious to our Wastersblog waste management […]

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First Use of Biomethane – Upgraded Biogas Gas Used 1st by Camden Council, London

The historic first use of biomethane (now known as rCNG) in a council vehicle in the UK was in the London Borough of Camden. The fuel is now increasingly used for powering buses. A main reason for using it is its comparatively clean burning characteristics, which make it a far cleaner fuel than diesel. Back […]