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New Era for Landfill Gas Use Dawns

London’s First Biogas Fueling Station Installed at London Borough of Camden’s York Way Depot

LONDON, October 20 /PRNewswire/ —

Gasrec Commercial Trial With Veolia and Iveco Enters Next Phase

In August, Gasrec, the UK’s first commercial producer of liquid biomethane fuel, Veolia Environmental Services, the UK’s largest waste management company, and full range commercial vehicle manufacturer Iveco, announced the beginning of a commercial trial of a CBM-powered street cleansing vehicle in Camden that could drastically reduce society’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Further to that announcement, Gasrec and The London Borough of Camden today announce Gasrec’s successful installation of London’s first biogas fueling station at the Borough Council’s York Way Depot to support the trial. The facility is capable of providing the trial Iveco Daily vehicle with fuel for its 60 mile per day route for an initial period of six months. Gasrec was supported in the project by their fuel logistics partner the Hardstaff Group and by technology consultant Igas.

This step allows for more convenient refuelling for the trial vehicle and highlights the suitability of CBM for back-to-base operations. It also widens the scope of the trial to allow evaluation of a complete, scalable solution, and provides the opportunity for the Borough Council to fuel vehicles in its own fleet from the York Way Depot.

Richard Lilleystone, Chief Executive Officer at Gasrec, said: “This step makes concrete the infrastructure for our trial and also lays the foundations for possible further collaboration with Camden Council. In doing so, it helps underscore the potential for further commercial fleets, both within additional London Boroughs and other key UK locations, to follow in Veolia and Camden’s footsteps conveniently and above all economically. While the environment remains of prime concern, at the present time cost is a more important planning and management concern than ever, and Gasrec is pleased to be able to offer help to its partners in managing both their emissions and their budgets.

“It is also important for the UK to minimize the substantial sums of money exported to purchase vehicle fuel from abroad and this small but significant step will hopefully help pave the way by using fuel sources that are not only home grown but also carbon neutral, to the benefit of society as a whole.”

Cllr Chris Knight, Camden Council’s Executive Member for Environment, said: “Improving the environment and tackling climate change are top priorities for Camden Council. The opening of the capital’s first bio-gas re-fuelling station here in Camden is a massive achievement as bio-methane is seen as one of the most climate friendly fuels around today. If this trial proves successful we aim to fuel part of Camden Council’s own fleet, helping to protect the environment and save money. We always encourage our contractors to deliver their services in environmentally friendly ways and this is a perfect example of this ethos being brought to life.” More ….

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