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WRAP Launches New Municipal MRF Search Tool

The Waster is often asked for a list of UK MRFs so the announcement made in our article below should, at the very least have provided a UK municipal MRF search tool with a list of addresses and operator names. This is a glaring gap in the available information on these plants in Britain. Scroll Down for a link to our “Municipal MRF List” for England.

A copy of the original WRAP press release follows. Scroll down below the image to read it.

Illustration to help support the need for an English municipal MRF search tool, or MRF list.
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WRAP launches municipal MRF search tool to support closer communications across recycling supply chain

First posted on 5 February 2009

Local authorities, reprocessors, and other stakeholders in the recycling and waste management industry can now quickly and easily find municipal MRFs across the UK, following today's launch by WRAP of a new online database.

2018 UPDATE:

This page announces that WRAP has not at all kept a promise they made. We did find that a WRAP Materials Facility Reporting Portal does exist. But that's no help to the general public. There is still no list, even almost 10 years after the promise was made!

Very shortsightedly, it does not appear to provide list data on where the UK's MRFs are located. This is useful information that should be freely made available to the UK public, who pay for WRAP through government funding.

Readers are encouraged to contact WRAP via their website and make as many requests for this information to be published as are needed before they wake up and provide it. The tool that is available is for the MRF industry to report their throughput rates etc., but WRAP could easily publish this information because they do have it as part of their database.

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Based on WRAP's popular ORIS (Online Recycling Information System), the new tool is designed as a series of interactive maps with a search function that enables users to quickly identify and locate MRFs. The entries include information relating to the material streams the MRFs accept, their throughput capacities, and the output materials they produce.

Promoting clearer, more open communications throughout the recycling supply chain is a key area of focus for WRAP. Not only does it help the different stages of the recycling and recovery process to better coordinate their activities – but it is also understood to have a direct influence on the quality of materials being submitted for processing by MRFs and, consequently, the quality of recyclate that can be produced.

Mike Falconer Hall, Materials Recycling Programme Manager at WRAP, said:

“Encouraging better communication across the supply chain is an essential part of WRAP's drive to support the industry as it works to improve the quality of recovered materials“.

He added:

“We're making this information freely available to all those involved with the collection, recovery and recycling of dry waste recyclables in response to a high level of demand by this industry for a comprehensive, easily accessible database. By increasing transparency and opening up new communication lines between MRF operators and their supply chain, we're providing a boost to the sector which will translate into real business opportunities for all involved.

The new tool sits alongside the current range of interactive ORIS maps that allow users to search for household and school recycling services in their local areas and has been compiled by WRAP, in close conjunction with operators of all the MRFs that are listed. More…

It's 2018, and there neither WRAP nor anyone else in government has made good on the promise to provide a municipal MRF search tool which was made in the article above, in 2009!

We welcome comments in the box below, from anyone who has an opinion about the need for a municipal MRF search tool, or, at least for the English government to provide a simple list of operating MRFs.

Visitors looking for a US MRF List may find the Top 20 US MRFs Listed here useful.

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