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3 Recycling Lessons You Can Benefit From Today

Although in many nations recycling rates continue to rise, and since the Paris Climate Change summit in December 2015 more and more people are seriously concerned about their environment, many people are still confused about how to do their recycling. In this article, we will explain in simple language the main types of materials which […]

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Steve Last - Blogger

Steve Last - The Waster

The Waster started blogging in June 2006, and with an occasional guest blogger has been posting newsy and technical articles about waste, re-use, and recycling, at between once a month and weekly, ever since. You can connect with me on Google+ below:

Why Blog?

I run my own independent environmental consultancy so blogging helps me maintain a professional presence and brings in leads to my business.

It is also a form of relaxation!

My professional services website is at www.ipptsassociates.co.uk

The most rewarding part of blogging is  when people comment on the articles, so please do give comments and provide feedback via our Contact page.

Points of Interest

    • There are about 400 articles on this blog and rising!
    • Our eBooks have been downloaded more than 2,500 times.
    • Our busiest day was in 2011 when over 600 visitors viewed the site.
    • 95% of those that have voted on our eBooks say they are "Very Useful".
Steve Last, EzineArticles Platinum AuthorOur current most popular articles are about waste processing and waste separation methods. Our article writing has been given a platinum certificate by the staff at EzineArticles.