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How Environmental Compliance Services Advise on the Complex Laws that Protect Nature

This article sets out to help our readers understand the role of the Environmental Compliance Services that offer guidance on the Intricate laws designed to preserve the Environment. Navigating environmental regulations can be a daunting task for businesses across sectors, leaving many unsure of where to start. The landscape of compliance requirements is ever-changing and complex, with penalties for non-compliance often severe. […]

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Environmental Impact of Industrial Waste and Its Sources

Before we look at the environmental impact of industrial waste let’s be sure that we understand the basics of what Industrial Waste is? This term encompasses any waste that results from the production of products or services in an industrial setting. So, the term is very general and in many nations industrial waste is lumped […]

Non Road Mobile Machinery Emissions Requirements for Construction in London

It should not be surprise that special non road mobile machinery emissions (NRMM) requirements for construction in the centre of London have been introduced. Air pollution is the top environmental risk to human health in the UK. It contributes to early deaths, aggravates lung and heart conditions and even affects mental health and cognitive performance. […]

Waste Will Cease to Exist by 2020! That’s Official!

EU Roadmap Will Ensure That Waste is Managed as a Resource By 2020, and with residual waste close to zero in 2014

Taxing Plastic Bags Doesn’t Work

Plastc bag tax failure: The volume of plastic carrier bags might go down when they are taxed, but consumption of alternatives rises. The result’s that limited resources are exhausted faster and more material goes to dump.

Gas from Waste – Getting the Product Specification Right

 Although in 2009 the current concept of “end of waste” protocols did not exist in any real form, this CIWM posting did provide some help to the waste industry to alleviate concerns that gasification gases could be burnt without all the complexities of the WID applying. Image by USAID_IMAGES via Flickr     SOURCE: CIWM, FEBRUARY 2009 […]

Refuelling the debate: renewables vs nuclear energy

The near meltdown of reactors at the Fukushima nuclear power station in Japan has re-fuelled the renewables vs. nuclear debate, bringing the complex economics of low-carbon energy generation back to the fore.  We take a look at the impact of the disaster on the cost of nuclear energy generation, and question what this could mean […]

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The Legal Definition of “Waste” and the Quest for Clarity

The legal definition of “waste” has always been a bit of a nightmare for those in the waste management industry. Seeking inventively to do intelligent things with waste and other “residues” can seem an impossible task at times, due to the struggle to make a case for “product” status.  Commercially useful residues are often by […]