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The Legal Definition Of “Waste” and the “End of Waste”

Unravelling the legal definition of waste in British law. Understanding what counts as waste has always been tricky, but nowadays recycling makes it more so. One key fact is that laws do help define when something is waste, but they can soon become restrictive if you take a waste, and process it in some way to […]

The levy of a plastic bag tax may reduce sights like the one shown in this image of a heap of plastic pollution in front of a dramatic cityscape view.

The Impact of Taxing Plastic Bags on Consumer Behaviour and Environmental Sustainability

Discover the positive changes in consumer behaviour and environmental sustainability resulting from taxing plastic bags. Read more here! Taxing Plastic Bags

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How Environmental Compliance Services Advise on the Complex Laws that Protect Nature

This article sets out to help our readers understand the role of the Environmental Compliance Services that offer guidance on the Intricate laws designed to preserve the Environment. Navigating environmental regulations can be a daunting task for businesses across sectors, leaving many unsure of where to start. The landscape of compliance requirements is ever-changing and complex, with penalties for non-compliance often severe. […]

Image text: "Environmental Impact of Industrial Waste".

Environmental Impact of Industrial Waste and Its Sources

Before we look at the environmental impact of industrial waste let’s be sure that we understand the basics of what Industrial Waste is? This term encompasses any waste that results from the production of products or services in an industrial setting. So, the term is very general and in many nations industrial waste is lumped […]

Non Road Mobile Machinery Emissions Requirements for Construction in London

It should not be surprise that special non road mobile machinery emissions (NRMM) requirements for construction in the centre of London have been introduced. Air pollution is the top environmental risk to human health in the UK. It contributes to early deaths, aggravates lung and heart conditions and even affects mental health and cognitive performance. […]

Waste Will Cease to Exist by 2020! That’s Official!

EU Roadmap Will Ensure That Waste is Managed as a Resource By 2020, and with residual waste close to zero in 2014