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The Landfill Directive Summary and Impacts in the UK

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Create Date 20 November 2016
Last Updated 12 April 2018

Without doubt the Landfill Directive (LFD) has had a substantial impact on the shape of landfill practice in the UK, and its combined effect alongside the landfill tax escalation policy has been significant, at least in the early years after its implementation.

The Landfill Directive created several new concepts. The Directive, for example introduced new categories of waste (e.g. biodegradable municipal waste (BMW)) and landfill sites (e.g. hazardous, non-hazardous and inert) which were not previously defined in UK law.

In this pdf ebook written in 2013, we provide a Landfill Directive Summary, and our view of the impacts of the landfill directive in the UK.

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