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Looking Back at UK Landfill Practise and the Landfill Directive's Ban on Co-disposal of Hazardous Waste with Industrial and Commercial Waste

Looking Back at UK Landfill Practise and the Landfill Directive’s Ban on Co-disposal of Hazardous Waste with Industrial and Commercial Waste

Looking back at the effect the Directive’s ban on Co-Disposal has had on Hazardous Waste Disposal in the years since it was introduced in 2005.  The implementation of the Landfill Directive meant that landfill would never again be available in the UK as readily or as cheaply as it had always been. The UK government […]

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EU Awareness of Food and Garden Waste Management Benefits Increases

It has emerged that the European Parliament’s environment committee is set to consider a draft report (April 28) drawn up by one of its members that urges the European Commission to develop proposals for a specific bio-waste directive by the end of 2010. Bio-waste management (AD and Composting) has economic benefits which should be utilised […]

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EU Confirms Landfill is the Last Place You Should Put Waste

Landfill officially a “last resort” option for EU EU environment ministers have officially approved a new framework for waste management across their 27 member countries, including a five-step hierarchy for waste treatment which classes “energy-efficient waste incineration a recovery operation”. The directive also sets new recycling targets. By 2020, EU member states must recycle 50% […]

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Wales Succeeds in Reducing Landfill Waste

Figures announced today reveal that every local authority in Wales has met strict limits, set by the Assembly Government, on the amount of biodegradable waste it can send to landfill sites. Wales, as a whole is also currently within its 2009/10 target set by Europe. The Landfill Allowances Scheme (LAS) limits the amount of biodegradable […]

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LATS Allowances “Worthless” as Councils Achieve Targets

Councils write off “worthless” landfill allowances 28-07-2008 A new LATS market place is to be launched later this year, but both levels of trading and prices remain low, forcing many waste disposal authorities to write off their ever-growing amounts of surplus allowances. The government-funded Regional Improvement & Efficiency Partnerships, led by Improvement Efficiency South East, […]

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Danger of Ireland Missing EU Target for Biodegradable Waste Diversion from Landfill

Ireland is now in significant danger of missing its 2010 target for diverting biodegradable municipal waste from landfill, according to the National Waste Report 2006 – published by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency. Overall, the report shows that, although the quantity of waste that was recycled increased between 2005 and 2006, so, too, did the […]

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