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Fracking Waste Spills in Youngstown Could be Repeated

As drilling rig exploration for shale fields suitable for natural gas extraction using the hydraulic fracturing method multiply, will the nation's watercourses suffer more incidents like this Fracking Waste Spill in Youngstown?

This incident occurred in the US. However, there is a new risk that such incidents will occur again in the US, and now also in the UK. A fracking test project has just received permission to restart near Blackpool, in Lancashire and many others are likely to start over the next few months, where licences to explore for shale gas have been granted.

Fracking waste spills in Youngstown


Dumped drilling waste hits river after Fracking Waste Spill in Youngstown

Columbus Dispatch

“The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is conducting a criminal investigation into how drilling waste got into a storm sewer in Youngstown and drained into the Mahoning River. The agency is “very concerned” by the discovery of “possibly illegal …”
Dumped drilling waste hits river

Fishing interests can be put at risk by emissions to watercourses like this.

20k gallons of fracking waste spills in Youngstown

“20k gallons of fracking waste spills in Youngstown. Last Thursday, about 20,000 gallons of suspected fracking waste water was allegedly dumped down a Youngstown storm drain. Reporter Amanda King talks with Anti-fracking activists, local officials, and …”

The shale gas industry will have to be very diligent to avoid fracking waste problems like this occurring elsewhere.

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