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New Waste Plant Odour Prevention Device is a Remarkable Success

AirSteril Maxi Thermal deviceIt's the Revolutionary Solution to Anaerobic Digestion Plant Odour!

AirSteril Maxi Thermal Unit

Now there is a new New Air Purification and Odour Prevention Device which appears to be, by all reports, a revolutionary development for the waste and resource management industry. In recent months it has been trialled by leading waste disposal company Viridor Waste Management and others, and is now resulting in large orders for them as the sole distributor.

AirSteril Maxi Thermal Units in use in a Refuse Transfer Station

The product is from Dax Environmental Ltd., a family owned UK based company that specialises in air purification solutions. Their aim is to help waste facility operators improve the quality of air in enclosed spaces by cutting odours and eliminating bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi in the air and on surfaces.

Their new product is an air purifier called AirSteril, it uses photoplasma oxidation and a unique ultraviolet system, in a unique five stage process, which in combination is far more effective than any previous device in oxidising and removing all the smelly hydrocarbons in the air and simultaneously killing a very high percentage of all the harmful aerosols. The equipment is stated to conform to all UK and EU health and safety regulations.
By unassisted thermal convection, the chosen units from their Maxi Thermal range, are sized to purify the whole airspace.

waste plant odour prevention airsteril The ultraviolet light it generates is described as operating at peak UVC wavelengths. One lamp makes ozone (O3) and a second lamp coverts the ozone to hydroxyl radicals (OH) which are short-lived, but act as powerful destroyers of the DNA of all airborne pathogens within the “plasma” inside the unit. For the average waste transfer station tipping floor area the power requirement for a AirSteril Maxi Thermal installation is approximately “18” Watts, of continuous power consumption (all units are run continuously 24/7).

At waste transfer station facilities where it has been trialled by Viridor we have been informed of the following:

“Viridor were overwhelmingly impressed at the efficiency and cost of our technology and it's ability to eliminate both household waste and green waste odours within their storage warehouse facilities. They were also further impressed that our units do not require chemicals or filters and are very low maintenance. They have already calculated that our units will save them 50% of their annual budget in the first year alone, which includes the cost of the units and installation and up to a staggering 90% in subsequent years. This has now led to ourselves starting to install our units at their remaining 90 plus UK depots.”
“The Viridor depot where the first of our trials took place is in the middle of a industrial estate in Lancing, West Sussex and which borders a residential area to the North and West. The wind was carrying the waste odours in all directions which led to them receiving numerous complaints every week. As of today Viridor have not received one complaint since the installation of our units.”

“In brief, our units use a combination of five technologies working in tandem 24/7, 365 days a year to produce what is called photo plasma. This envelops everything in the vicinity and eliminates all bacteria that causes the waste to smell. This technology has been fully tested by the UK Government's Health Protection Agency and is 100% environmentally friendly as well as extremely low cost to run. “

Further information is available from Dax Environmental Ltd, UK who can be contacted on Tel: +44 (0)1206, +44 (0)460004, Fax +44 (0)1206 548136 or via their website at .

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