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careers in waste management

Waste Management Careers – Work in Today’s Modern State-of-the-Art Industry

careers in waste managementWaste Management Careers were once all about the collection, transporting and disposing of wastes coming from households, industries and other institutions.

Now, waste management does so much more, that it has become a huge industry on its own, and it is a growing industry. That means, there are many great opportunities for those that take up waste management careers.

There are still, for example, many companies that offer waste disposal services and haul your junk away. Many of these companies are large and they are good employers, offering a wide variety of different jobs that can become a great career for those that stick at it.

But, now that in many countries close to half of all waste in being recycled and much of the remainder is being incinerated, waste management careers in the big five waste companies span all disciplines, and provide jobs at all levels.

If you still imagine that waste management jobs are limited in any way to waste collection operatives, truck drivers, and their managers, think again, because this is far from the truth!

Different waste management businesses would offer jobs as salesmen, customer service representatives, drivers, pickup personnel and field waste characterisation specialists. They are very important in completing the kind of waste management services that homeowners and industry owners need.

However, many waste management careers are also available in brand new waste processing centres which operate state-of-the-art waste treatment equipment. This is high tech equipment and as such requires many professionals to operate, and maintain multi-million pound recycling centres, MRFs, ERFs, incinerators, biogas plants etc.

Increasingly, recycling is enabling materials which are recycled to be re-used may times over. So much recirculation is going on, through recycled materials, that industry experts are calling the new ways of recycling the “circular economy”. As the circular economy develops, those working in the industry will soon cease to see themselves as working with waste materials, instead they are becoming manufacturers of raw materials.

Why Choose a Waste Management Career?

Because it is an interesting business to be in, there are opportunities to rise through the organisation you work for and the salary can be good.

As populations increase, the amount of solid waste will increase. To protect the environment, solid-waste companies pick up this solid waste, compact it, and drop it off in a landfill or recycling facility where it is processed for recycling.

These companies may also create compost out of some biodegradable waste or separate the recyclable waste.

So, as populations continue to increase and the processing of waste grows, a solid-waste company could be a lucrative employment opportunity for you.

How Easy is it to Get a Waste Management Career?

Nobody ever said it would be easy, any career should be full of challenges and a waste management career, is no exception.

If you're ready to commit to joining a team of dedicated, team-driven, operations experts, a front line position could be yours. All you have to do is apply to see if you qualify!

Is it True that a Garbage Man Makes Good Money?

Yes. It can be well paid. However, working as garbage collector or “bin man”, is just one of many of the front line positions available when you take up a waste management industry career. These include all types of drivers, helpers, technicians, maintenance crew members, facility maintenance and upkeep, welders, environmental engineers, and more.

Involvement with some of the most innovative environmental technology can be part of a job in the waste management industry and it drives positions like gas technicians, hazardous materials experts, and landfill gas operators. We're a lot more than just picking up trash; with innovation on the front line, we've become an industry leader in green technology.

One big local authority says that the Waste Management Department's work force consists of more than 70 waste management job classifications.

Occupations range from professional engineering, computer technology, technical and administrative specialities to well skilled trades, equipment operations and facilities maintenance work which show just how diverse the opportunities in this industry are.

Another opportunity for those seeking a waste management career is the job of Waste Management Consultant. The businesses in this field look to recruit enthusiastic consultants to work in their Waste Management Teams. Successful candidates in this field also find jobs in the development and assessment of radioactive waste disposal solutions.

Others that follow a waste management career, design, plan, or perform engineering duties in the prevention, control, and remediation of environmental health hazards, utilising their skills from various engineering disciplines. Work may include waste treatment, site remediation, or pollution control technology.

Waste management officers in local authorities oversee the collection, recycling and disposal of waste. Their key role is to analyse information and make plans to meet business and environmental targets. In this capacity, they are normally attached to the cleansing or environmental departments of the local council but could equally be employed by commercial operations.

Conclusion – Why Waste Management Careers are Worthwhile

So, to conclude we say that waste management careers are well worth pursuing if you are looking for work. They will always have work to do because businesses, hospitals, and individuals will continue to create thousands of tons of waste every day.

Unless those working in the waste management industry keep providing their services, this waste would pollute the land and water and cause health problems in humans and animals. By following a waste management career you will be helping society by reducing the negative effects of waste, by providing the means for recycling, and in many instances also decreasing overall waste production.

We think think that is a worthwhile career by anyone's standards.

Waste Technologies eBook imageImportant: If you are interested in a waste management job, you should not go to an interview without knowing about what the waste management industry does.

You will need to show a basic knowledge of the waste technologies or methods that are used by waste management companies to process waste. Our eBook will be essential reading to help you win that job in the waste management industry so we suggest that you check it out by clicking here.


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