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Refuelling the debate: renewables vs nuclear energy

The near meltdown of reactors at the Fukushima nuclear power station in Japan has re-fuelled the renewables vs. nuclear debate, bringing the complex economics of low-carbon energy generation back to the fore.  We take a look at the impact of the disaster on the cost of nuclear energy generation, and question what this could mean […]

Energy in America: Turning Landfills Into Gas – Fox News

By Claudia Cowan , Published June 02, 2011, In the San Francisco Bay Area, hundreds of garbage trucks are running on LNG: liquefied natural gas, made right at the dump. It turns out that next to all that trash sits the world’s largest biofuel plant and it is recycling landfill gas into something beneficial. […]

County cashing in on gas to energy facility – NBC2 News

COLLIER COUNTY, FL – The doors are open at Collier County’s gas to energy plant. Inside, generators are making money by turning the methane gas from trash at the landfill into electricity. >> “We receive revenue based on the gas that’s consumed in the engines,” Solid Waste Management Director Dan Rodriguez said. The plant is […]