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The 10 Worst Places to Live Near in the World


The Huge “Monster” Landfills That are the Most Hated Places for Smells, Vermin, Water and Air Pollution

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In general where these large landfills are located in the developed nations they are well run and there is “safe” recycling which is done before the garbage goes into the landfills. Sadly, this is often not true for dumps in the developing nations, and conditions in which poor people live on those landfills can be shocking, as in the video below.



No children should have to pick garbage in dumps like these. They get injured and they get sick, and there are many deaths. There are often infected needles in the rubbish too.   There is real value in that waste, and with good management these people should be allowed to pick in safety.


Campaign for Community Recycling! or Help the UK Charity that helps Landfill Children here.

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