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Archive | September, 2008

DEFRA to Hold Consultation Workshops on Revised Waste Exemptions from Environmental Permitting

Defra, the Welsh Assembly Government and the Environment Agency are reviewing the waste exemptions from environmental permitting. The aim of the review is to provide a more risk based and proportionate approach to the regulation of waste recovery and disposal operations, complementing the new environmental permitting regime. The consultation detailing these proposed changes was released […]

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The New Look Wasters Blog has Arrived!

The Waster has been blogging since the summer of 2005. Since then the WordPress Blogging platform has been refined and improved, but the Waster put off tackling an update. Until now!! The old look has now been digitally consigned to the trash bin, and we have a whole new look for the Autumn. We hope […]

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Wales Succeeds in Reducing Landfill Waste

Figures announced today reveal that every local authority in Wales has met strict limits, set by the Assembly Government, on the amount of biodegradable waste it can send to landfill sites. Wales, as a whole is also currently within its 2009/10 target set by Europe. The Landfill Allowances Scheme (LAS) limits the amount of biodegradable […]

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