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Britain Still Throwing Highest Tonnages into Landfills

Britain is still topping Europe in use of landfills. Britain still sends more household waste to landfill than any other European country, council heads warned today. Following new figures issued by Defra last week showing that English councils are now averaging a 30% recycling rate for household waste, the Local Government Association published research today […]

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Majority of Councils “Need to take action” to Hit Landfill Diversion Targets

In fact 72% of councils “need to take action” to reduce their waste tonnages being sent to landfill in order to meet the EU’s targets. These are the waste disposal authorities in England that need to do more to meet their targets for reducing the amount of biodegradable waste going to landfill, the Environment Agency has said. But, […]

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More News on LATS Disappointment for Councils

The present position is that Councils have a “large safety net” against not achieving EU landfill targets. The extent of the “collapse” of the LATS market has been emerging more clearly over the last week. Two of the UK’s largest waste disposal authorities have revealed that they hold a “substantial surplus” of landfill allowances available. Such […]

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Scotland Sustainable Waste Management Report

Audit Scotland have released a Sustainable Waste Management report which says recycling rates have gone up, with around a quarter of municipal waste now being recycled. However for Scotland to meet EU Landfill Directive and Scottish Government targets, councils will need to increase their recycling rates and achieve rapid reductions in the volumes of waste […]

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Waste Reduction Committee Aims for Sustainability & Invites Evidence

UK – HOUSE OF LORDS TO INVESTIGATE WASTE REDUCTION The House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee has appointed a sub-committee to look at sustainable approaches to waste reduction. The inquiry will focus on the first level of the waste hierarchy, waste reduction, and will look into ways in which products and production processes […]

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