Clear And Unbiased Facts About Recycling During A Flat Economy

The things we all should really be doing in order to reuse and recycle our own garbage, including when money is tight.

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The Reasons for Recycling – Why We Should All Care About Recycling

The reasons/ arguments in Favour of Recycling – What you need to know! By now, we’re familiar with the ecological and environmental arguments for recycling, not only to benefit ourselves but also the future generations. Although responding to our personal responsibilities in this way is a good thing, there is still the wider community conscience […]

Malaysian E-waste Danger Looming

Just like in other nations the rise and rise of gadget use and disposal is causing real worries for our environment. In Malaysia the Department of Environment has announced that discarded mobile phones should all be recycled. This is to avoid environment-related emissions which they are concerned will bring health problems. The scale of the […]

Tharsus Glass Crushing Units Under Development Will Improve Recycling by Restaurants Bars and Clubs

Tharsus engineering is introducing an innovatory glass crushing unit, for the commercial recycling of glass in a new five year contract win with Ekko Glass Crush and Collect. The engineering firm has partnered with the Scottish-based recycling experts to design and manufacture their own brand of glass compacting units.

Things We Can Do to Help the Environment and Save Money

‘Whether it’s vegetable peelings, coffee jars, shampoo bottles or food waste, there are lots of items we can recycle.’ The UK has a colossal national wastage, but as ‘Recycle Now’ – the organisation that encourages us to think before we bin – is keen to stress, this could easily be reduced, and help the environment: […]


Coalition Moves to Stop Labour “Pay as You Throw” Waste Charges

“Pay as you throw” charges for household waste have been ruled out by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles.

Scrapped Plasterboard No Longer Classified As Waste In Scotland

SEPA has announced that plasterboard that meets BSI PAS109:2008 won’t count as waste. This is very encouraging to the recycling companies invloved.

Waste Re-Use is Top of the EU List for Sustainable Waste Management New Cork Initiative is One of the Few to Implement

Waste Matchers launch SMILE. Waste Matchers – the re-use project – has announced a new service called the SMILE Network. The SMILE Network encourages collaboration between businesses through networking events in order to save costs and help the environment. At these events, businesses can offer items such as surplus products, byproducts, reusable items, office/warehouse space […]

A Look at What a Zero Waste Target Means for Scotland

Can Scotland really achieve Zero Waste? So far, things are looking good. However, the reports available suggest that in terms of the 40 percent target set for 2010, Scotland was at 34 percent as of March of this year. So there is therefore a significant amount to do… Read more!