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More Research “Desperately” Needed in Waste Management

A senior director of waste firm SITA UK said last night the UK “desperately” needs more research in waste management.

Marek Gordon was speaking at the inaugural lecture of Imperial College’s new waste management professor, Sue Grimes.

He said: “The techniques we are using now such as Efw and MBT are not new – they have been around for decades,” but added that that the industry is moving “too slowly” in terms of newer technologies and that “more research is desperately needed for the industry as a whole.”

SITA is supporting Prof Grimes in her new role as the SITA/Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Waste Management at Imperial College, London.

The company can provide the support – through its SITA Trust environmental body under the Landfill Communities Fund – for a five-year period, but will not be able to continue this support after this time because of the rules of the Fund.

Mr Gordon, SITA external affairs director said he “supported and admired” the work Sue Grimes was undertaking at the college.

Full article at LetsRecycle.

The Waster remembers the days not long past when government funding did not even extend to national data on waste composition. It is true that we need much more research but advances are being made, and the UK won’t be unique in this need.

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