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Environmental criminals facing “Al Capone”-style justice

The difficulty of fighting organised waste crime has pushed the Environment Agency to deal with illegal waste operators “like Al Capone”.

Concerns that the law courts are not treating waste crime seriously with the level of fines handed out come as a major headache to the environmental regulators.

Coupled with the difficulty of securing evidence against organised waste dumping activities, the Agency revealed it is now taking advantage of other, non-waste crimes to bring justice to waste criminals.

Agency policy manager Alan D’Arcy told investigators were now going after organised waste gangs in the same way that infamous Chicago mobster Al Capone was finally brought to justice.

He said criminals with highly organised illegal waste operations are often involved in other illegal activities – from drug-running to tax evasion.

Mr D’Arcy said: “It’s often very hard to get evidence against these organised gangs for waste activities, but many of them are also involved in other criminal activities, from drugs to tax evasion, and like Al Capone we can get them for other crimes. For waste crime at the moment, penalties often do not fit the crime.”

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One Response to Environmental criminals facing “Al Capone”-style justice

  1. Graham Cooper 7 November 2006 at 5:01 pm #

    So now the EA becomes the ‘Untouchables’. How apt.

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