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Electronic Chips in Rubbish Bins: the Debate Continues

With numerous councils introducing electronic chips in residents’ rubbish bins, the debate continues as to what the chips actually accomplish.

Some argue their trash containers being tagged and monitored is an unreasonable intrusion.  Grantham local Brynley Heaven has outraged his council by not only removing his chips, but offering to do the same for other villagers—for free.

Heaven believes there is a ‘hidden agenda’ to the bugs, whereas the council insists the chips are necessary for electronically activating lorry dumpers.

In Mid Suffolk, waste and environmental services manager Paul Lewis has explained that the chips are merely for identification purposes, but the story claims that trash ‘spying’ is taking place in other parts of the East of England.

Meanwhile, Swindon council has taken a very strong stance against those who would question their rules regarding chipped bins and trash collection: ‘We have the right to tell people what they can and can not put in their dustbin and can prosecute anyone who ignores the rules’, they announced in an official statement.

The strong wording resulted from a dispute regarding how much waste a resident could reasonable expect to be removed.  Swindon has explained their chipping policy, and also argue it is merely for identification purposes.

More at the Institution of Civil Engineers web site

2 Responses to Electronic Chips in Rubbish Bins: the Debate Continues

  1. Brynley 28 October 2006 at 2:17 pm #

    In fairness to my good self, my objection to Bin Bugs is to paying for rubbish collection by weight, rather than any objection to the technology itself.

    The position in my locality is that most local councillors were unaware that the bins were bugged until they were delivered to the householder a few weeks ago. Very poor public relations. Absolutely no democratic input.

    We await Sir Michael Lyons report on ‘Pay per Throw’ due in December. The Minister, David Miliband, is reported to be minded to enable Councils to charge householders for rubbish collection.

    It remains unclear how those on very low incomes and very large families will be protected.

    Those on benefit are currently eligible for Council Tax Benefit. What arrangements would protect them under ‘Pay per Throw’?

    I have raised this with Sir Micheal Lyons and we await his pearls of wisdom.


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