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Research Reveals Brain Waste Management System

Brain waste management

This is where it all happens…

Here we go again. We are mashing together the news for you. That way you get two views on a subject, and we bring you to the point as quickly as possible. 

Today it is all about an unexpected type of waste management, and at a much smaller and more personal scale than the Wastersblog has ever covered hitherto. Yes. It's Brain Waste management!

Cleansing System Inside Brain Drains Waste Products

"“Waste clearance is of central importance to every organ, and there have been long-standing questions about how the brain gets rid of its waste,” commented senior author Dr. Maiken Nedergaard, co-director of the University's Center for Translational …RedOrbit"

Researchers discover waste clearance system in the brain

"Scientists at the University of Rochester Medical Center have reported a previously undiscovered way the brain drains waste. The waste system consists of glial cells, a type of brain cells, that surround the blood vessels of the brain. These cells act …The Petri Dish"

There you are, the RCV of the mind, rapidly removing the waste products of our thoughts.

"Having a dirty mind" now has a new meaning!

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