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Biomedical Waste Facility Makes Odor Says Neighbours

Biomedical Waste caution sign on a truck illustrates the need for care when dealing with this waste.Biomedical waste is a hot issue when it causes bad odour, and understandably so when you consider the source. Being a contractor in this area soon causes problems if the neighbours detect an odour, and unfortunately statistics show that people will on many occasions blame a local biomedical waste facility, when the cause comes from elsewhere. So who would want to be the operators of such a plant!?

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Biomedical Waste Cleaner Upsets Neighbours

“Some businesses in Moncton's industrial park say a bad odour is wafting over from a company that cleans biomedical waste from hospitals.

Daniels Sharpsmart Canada Ltd. uses high-pressure steam to sterilize syringes, lab waste, gauze, gowns and gloves before disposing of them. The waste comes from hospitals across New Brunswick.
Karen Coates works next door at a laminating shop. She worries about the plume of as she works next door at a laminating shop.
She worries about the plume of white steam erupting from a pipe in the roof of the Daniels plant.
“It gives a film in your mouth, which is very offensive, and the smell is very strong and at times it can make you feel nauseous,” Coates said.
Don Rittwage, another business owner in the area, said the problem has become worse in the last year and a half.
“It seems to clog up my sinuses pretty quick. I don't think it's good for me, he said.
At the warehouse across the street, Todd Hickey said he can smell the Daniels plant but it doesn't bother him.
“It was hard to describe at first, but it reminds me of when I was a kid and my parents used to boil clams and that salt and musty smell. That's exactly what it smells like”, Hickey said.
David Price, the Canadian manager for Daniels based in Brampton, Ont., said the Moncton plant is safe.

He said there is no smell. He said nothing is incinerated at the plant. Instead, everything is sterilised by steam, so it's actually water vapour that's coming out of the pipe.”


Has anyone else experienced the effect elsewhere of waste treatment facility operators who get blamed for odours that could not have emanated from their facility? We would love to hear your story!

Please tell us your experiences of wrongly attributed odor sources in the waste industry! Please use the comment boox below to tell us about it…

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