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Herefordshire Autoclave Plant Hits Further Delay

Plans to build a large-scale autoclave waste treatment plant in Herefordshire, which have already been dogged by delays, have met with further obstacles this week.

A meeting of councillors at Herefordshire council on Wednesday deferred the plans for another planning hearing next month. The councillors were against the plans, but did not have the authority to reject the project outright.

A significant number of local authorities are now considering autoclave technology as their preferred route to the problem of waste recycling and landfill disposal

Following the High Court’s wishes, Estech provided more information on the plant’s environmental impact this August.

Nevertheless, the revised plans did not win support at the meeting of Herefordshire county council’s southern area planning committee on Wednesday.

The facility, to be built on the Stoney Street Industrial Estate in Madley, is being designed to process about 100,000 tonnes of mixed municipal waste each year using US technology. The process treats mixed waste using high-temperature steam to break down biodegradable waste and allow “cleaned” recyclable material to be picked out of the residues.

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