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Enviros Supports Defra & Local Authorities in Reducing Waste

The Waster says: If you are one of the local authority staff who might be intending to use this service, and you know about this already, then scroll down and note the tight end of this month DCS application deadline!

Enviros has again been appointed to the Defra framework contract for Direct Consultancy Support (DCS) as part of the Waste Implementation Programme (WIP). One of the objectives of WIP is to bring about the diversion of biodegradable municipal waste (BMW) from landfill, working to meet the requirements of Article Five of the EU Landfill Directive. The programme aims to provide support and empowerment to local authorities in their role as waste collection and disposal authorities. This is set against a context of the Gershon report into local authority efficiencies through which a target of £300million of efficiency savings has been promoted.

WIP aims to assist local authorities by providing access to: specialist consultants; examples of best practice; agencies and community groups; and tools, guidance or models. The intention is to help them increase their knowledge and understanding of waste management opportunities and the procurement of services whilst also encouraging the implementation of new technology.  In addition, it aims to motivate the sector to make the necessary behavioural change to more sustainable waste management activities and practices. 

The purpose of Defra’s support is to provide guidance in:

  • Waste planning
  • Strategy
  • Procurement
  • Waste composition analysis
  • Identification of other organisations that provide additional support to local authorities.

Defra’s Local Authority Support Unit (LASU) resources this support through a core of industry specialists, including Enviros, employed on a call-off basis. These specialists work with Council Members and officers, liaising with support organisations including all the WIP work streams and Defra Waste Strategy Division.  This ensures effective and efficient achievement of government targets; joint working; and Gershon efficiencies.

The programme is divided into two tranches. Projects for Tranche 1 were identified in April this year and projects for Tranche 2 are currently being invited.  Timescales for this are detailed below.

Task – Tranche 2 DCS Applications
Timescale – to be received by Defra
New Applications for DCS for funding for this financial year (2006/07) and for the next financial year (2007/08)
31 October 2006
Applications for DCS for those who have secured funding this financial year (2006/07), and who wish to apply for funding next financial year (2007/08)
31 October 2006

Further information, background documents, application forms and guidance can be obtained at:
Enviros’ knowledge of WIP and its strategy, aims, and objectives is based on close support to both the providers and the recipients of WIP funding initiatives since 2003. Enviros has provided technical and specialist assistance to local authorities to enable them to satisfy both regulatory and policy requirements in terms of sustainable waste and environmental management and the achievement of international, national and local government objectives and targets.

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