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MBT residue market doubt pushes Bradford towards thermal

Doubts about local markets for soil improvers and low-grade composts produced by MBT plants could see the city of Bradford opting for some form of thermal treatment.

The metropolitan district told last week it believes a new £400 million, 25-year waste disposal contract will include “at least some” thermal treatment capacity using technologies like gasification or energy-from-waste incineration.

“We will try and get a solution as high up the waste hierarchy as possible, but we think we need at least a partial thermal solution.”
– Jill Campbell, Bradford MBC

The council – which intends to put out a tender for the contract in the Spring – stressed that in its outline business case for the contract would probably not give a technology preference.

But the unitary authority said thermal technology was more suited to meeting the city’s landfill allowance trading scheme (LATS) targets than pre-treatment technologies like mechanical biological treatment (MBT). More…

The Waster: There must be a great many people with these concerns, especially in the light of the governments very cautious approach toward the reclassification issue when many have been hoping that a number of types of “waste” after re-processing will be re-classified as a “product”.

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